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I’m Back and Better!👌🏾

Hey Loves,

This first sentence has been written so many times and backspaced just as many. I mean how do I honestly start off this post considering I haven’t written one in so long! Actually, that is not all the way true. I have been blogging in my mind for the past 8 or so months; those thoughts have just not made their way out of the chambers in my mind. I guess some have broken free now and it feels good to say I’m back and I’m better! What does that even mean, though? Sounded good when Bryson Tiller’s dulcet tones sang it in ‘Don’t’ but in my world, it means more than I may be able to express right now.

I wanted to take a break from social media. I wanted to take some time for myself, to understand some of the things I was going through. I wanted some of my mental to catch up with my physical change. Yes, I intentionally chose the word wanted! I needed to look after my health, which was telling me I was a priority and not an afterthought. I wanted to look in the mirror and not pick myself apart because what I saw did not match up to what was ‘liked’ in the fickle beauty industry.

You see, no matter how confident we appear we all have inner battles that require us to reset our thinking so we can remind ourselves how AWESOME we are! Awesome AF! Rewiring some of my thinking has pushed me. Challenged me. Trained me. Strengthened me. Life has taken a series of interesting turns and I am grateful to God for seeing me through. Learning, evolving and continuing to focus on being the BEST me I can be… NO LIMITS!

So yes, your girl is back and better! Better in part also to many of you and your fantastic messages and love. Big thanks to those of you who got in touch telling me that you missed the blog. Missed me, and my small contribution in the form of this blog that does its own thing. Thank you for encouraging me and for sharing ways I have inspired you. Those that know me, know that I really love this blog and what it represents. The strange goings on from a chick that loves family, friends, Brooklyn, music, makeup Trey Songz and so much more! I have missed you all and pray that you are good and life is all it needs to be for you right now- especially in these trying times!

I’m gonna end by saying THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the Best Makeup Artist 💄 category at last year’s AFRO MODEL AWARDS! I don’t think I will ever get over the shock of winning. It was very soon after that night that I took time out. I put shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook but let me holla on here too. I am so grateful and blessed at the recognition and hope it raises your spirits and reminds you that you can do and be anything you want to. No matter your age or the stage you’re at in life! Your journey is in your hands!

20160529_210951 20160529_185839 20160529_172958

Wishing you all the love in the universe… see you in the next post!

Besos! 💋

TBH! xoxo

p.s. I know for some there are more questions and things you want to know. Not everything is for the blog and what is will be on the blog in due course!


The Truth on how I lost over 40kg in 8 months!

Hey Loves,

Guess who is back? Hope that you are all well and wonderful!

With all of my fashion related posts you can tell I am pretty excited about the major changes my body has been through. It is the question I am asked the most. What people are curious about the most.

So here it is… a little video on how I lost the weight in all its cinematic glory! Just kidding. It is just me filming on my laptop whilst balancing on my (dislocated) knee.

Hope you enjoy!

How I lost over 40kg in 8 months!

I miss you all!


TBH! xoxo



Couple Shades of Grey! My Valentine’s Look! 💌

Hey Loves!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I didn’t do a valentines series of makeup looks this year as I really didn’t have the time. So here is a little snippet of my Vday look. I am not the biggest fan of grey makeup on myself but this super subtle and easy.

Grey Smokes Grey Smokes closed Grey Smokes products

I used mostly drugstore products for this look and i kinda threw it together. No major blending as I have a bag load of brushes to wash. Any help will be greatly received! ☺

Product listing:

Original Beauty Blender/ Milani Lipstick Teddy Bare/ L’oreal True Match Foundations in Cappuccino and Golden Cappuccino / WetnWild Eyeshadow Palette in Tunnel Vision / Eyelure Lashes in 120 and Shape and Shade Brow Pencil and Tamer in Medium Brunette to Dark Blonde/ DUO Eyelash Adhesive/ Inglot for contour (not pictured)!

My top is soooooooooooo old. No exaggeration! It is about 6 years old  (maybe more) from Primark with a little blue camisole underneath. Grey jeans and flats. Sorry I didn’t have a full pic of the outfit. I am not use to taking full body pics but I am getting there!

Valentines Love

Hope you had a wonderful day no matter whether you were coupled up or chillin’ with the homies. Either way it is about sharing love all year round and not just on the 14th of the second month of the year.

Let me know what you did. Did you go to the cinema and see a certain film with a colour in the title similar to mine? Go out to eat or something completely random?

Besos Loves! Thanks for your continued support! 💋

TBH! xoxo

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Bridal Beauty Blueprint! Collaboration with!

Bridal Beauty Blueprint

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post is a little bit different to the norm! Different in a fun, let’s play dress up kind of way! Virtual dress up that is!

I was contacted by the fantastic team over at to create my own ‘bridal beauty’ style. are online one-stop bridal experts that house everything you could possibly need for your wedding in one place! Awesome, right? Grooms, that includes you.  With everything on hand to inspire and excite you from stationery to jewellery, dresses to gifts, can help you simplify the daunting process of planning your big day! Click here to find out more.

So my brief was simple really. Take a look at their awesome website, select a dress (from thousands, no pressure) and design my own bridal beauty blueprint around my choice. I was super excited to be involved as one of the most requested queries I get is what make-up should I wear with this dress or this occasion. I cannot say I am firm believer in event specific make-up because it is down to personal taste and preference. I do believe in being comfortable and staying true to self.

Being a Beauty Coach and Make-up Artist this is very similar to what I do when I meet with a client for the first time during a trial or consultation. Discussing their wants and needs and seeing their dress sets off a thousand beauty idea bulbs in my head. I adore being able to collaborate with brides on their vision and better yet, helping make it come to life.

As a future bride myself, this was a great opportunity to think about what kind of look I will be going for on my big day. Will I go with a fresh-faced look or all out hollywood glam? Read on to see the dress I chose and the makeup look(s) I decided on! It may surprise you!

N.B. This is just a snap shot of key beauty products I recommend to get the look. It will not list every single item needed to create the make-up idea I am sharing. 


Oscar De La Renta Gown

This dress actually brought tears to my eyes! Yes! For real! It evokes romance, glamour, and the right amount of sexy in that ‘this is so my moment‘ kind of way. From the stunning detailed veil that carries on to the dress, makeup should be about flawless skin that has a radiance and a draws you in. The eye-catching design and figure hugging silhouette would lend its self to soft neutral eye makeup and a nude lip. Although soft by application the makeup is not meant to shy away from the drama of this gown but instead enhance the true beauty of the bride that glows from the inside out. I love the way the veil showers the dress with the pattern. Raining gorgeousness from veil to toe! Single lashes strategically placed in the middle and outer corner of the eye for a fun flirty look to a nude lip and highlighted cheeks, this look is simple but stunning.

Makeup: Neutral Natural!

Neutral natural

Makeup: Neutral Natural with a burst of colour! 

I would not be me without a bold lip. Although the dress is a statement on its own it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t rock a serious bold lip and blush. Personally I would still keep the eyes simple (you can do a neutral smokey eye) with this dress and it would be stunning. Strip lashes that are wispy and a blush that packs a punch, (you can build the colour to match your intensity level) for show-stopping glamour that still looks like you. Play with varying levels from the same colour palette such as a coral nail to compliment your orange lip. If you wanted to take it up a notch in the evening (or in the day if you’re bold enough) then this would be the look for you! I know so many women afraid to work with colour on their big day. I say go with it… own your look and fierceness! After all, it is all about YOU!

Natural Neutral with a pop of colour

Make-up for your special day should make you feel comfortable and like the most beautiful girl in the world. That is how your future husband views you. A trial with a professional Make-up Artist will help you discuss exactly how you want to look on your wedding day. This is one of the most important days of your life and your opinion matters more than anything else. Don’t be afraid to try new looks and say what you like and what you don’t!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration with the above. Don’t forget to check out and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the future!

Image credits: Google Images and Polyvore

Besos and Wedding Bells!

TBH! xoxo

P.S. This post was not sponsored and I have not been paid.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


Hey Everyone!

I am seriously so overwhelmed when I am nominated for a blog award. Considering I have been on what seems an extremely long blog hiatus for a while, I am so flattered. This nomination means so much also because it comes from the beautiful Nina Fashion Life. She continues to inspire me and support my blog. She is a great source of encouragement and delivers some banging blogs. Please check out and follow her blog | Thank you again, Nina. Sorry, it took me so long, gorgeous!

These are the breaks, well, the rules for those I nominate below!

1.Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2.List the rules and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5.Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

I promise to keep them light. So here are… 7 facts about myself! 

  • Although I am a Make-Up Artist, I do not wear make-up everyday. I normally only wear makeup on a special event of for a specific blog. 
  • I am a hair chameleon. If I do not change my hairstyle/ look at least once a month I cannot cope. Whether it is colour, length, weave, natural, curly or straight. You name it, I have done it and will continue to do it. Who doesn’t want to be a slightly different person everyday!

Gallery 2Selfie 1Selfie 2

  • I act tough (thats the Brooklyn in me) but I am a hopeless romantic. I love, Love and everything that it embodies. 
  • My favourite animal is the Cow. I adore them and seriously should have stopped eating beef well before I actually did. MOOO!
  • I have developed this serious fear of heights. I never had it in my youth but now am absolutely petrified of bridges, heights. I actually think Godzilla is going to come up out the water and smash up any bridge I am on. No words.
  • I have 9 tattoos and still counting. (Just don’t tell my Daddy)! 
  • I still keep a diary and have done since High School. Hey! You never know, I may wanna publish my memoirs one day!

Here are the lovely bloggers I nominate!

Hope you enjoyed this post. I have been nominated for another award (yay!) and will be posting that tomorrow!

Have a great day y’all!

TBH! xoxo

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Saturday Stimulation! Inspiration for the soul…

Good Morning Everyone!

I needed the quote below this morning to kick start my blog writing again and this truly came at the right time. I will explain more in my next post. For now, I wanted to share a little something for the soul. That time to do the things that you wanted may never come…

Saturday Stimulation


Have a great Saturday everyone!


TBH! xoxo


My 100th Blog Post…

Celebrate good times, C’mon! 

I better stop there or I may get up and start dancing and that is taking the blog to a whole other level. This is truly a milestone for me. When I started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to talk about beauty and confidence, make-up and skin care and all such things.

Who would read my blog? Would people like it? I am no expert so maybe people wouldn’t respond to what I was saying or even be interested. Here we are 100 posts later and I am still as excited writing this as I was on my first one in March 2012.

As you can probably guess this blog is to send you a huge, gigantic, enormous THANK YOU! The kind of THANK YOU that cannot be measured in words or pictures. But the kind that if you close your eyes long enough, even if for a few seconds, you can imagine me there giving you a big NEW YORK filled hug and kiss to thank you.

I am so very grateful to all of you who have subscribed, read, commented, laughed, chuckled and all those good emotions. If you have cried (tears of joy) or just found any kind of pleasure in this blog- THANK YOU. You are amazing and I will continue for you.

Beautiful Kaye was my first WordPress subscriber and fellow blogger who inspires me so much. Gorgeous Niicolea is held in the same regard as her blog is wonderful. My wonderful friend, Etta of Etta’s Threads shares so much through her blog and our conversations that when I wanted to give up blogging because I didn’t think I was good enough, she made me see sense. All the bloggers I haven’t mentioned, you constantly make me realise why I love this little blogosphere we blog in! Thank you all.

My darling Sister Carlene, Glemma, Bilkis, Claire, Donna O, Pria there is not a blog post you don’t like or comment or share. From day one you have been my biggest supporters and it means so much to me. Again, just because I haven’t said your name, do not take it personally, there  are so many of you to thank and I am ever grateful for the love and support you give me and my not so funny jokes.

So here is to more posts and shameless selfies of me pouting and posing as I try and entertain you. Here is one more for the collection!!

Thank you kisses!

Thank you…

Besos! xoxo