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Collective Dress Haul 2017 |👗

Hey Loves,

It’s Fri-YAY!!! I feel like I have been anxiously awaiting the weekend for a couple of days. Honestly, I do not like to wish the days away but it has been one of those weeks. How are y’all doing? How are things?

Excited to be blogging and vlogging and getting back to me again! There is something about expressing yourself in an unapologetic way. Just being who you are and seriously making no apologies for that! I digress…

Building the confidence to wear dresses again has been an uphill battle. The confidence in dresses is one thing but the confidence overall in this new body of mine is another. More on confidence coming soon. You can always check here for some tips that have worked for me in the past. I did not think I would be able to rock bandage dresses or even mini dresses so this has pushed my fashion in a different direction.

So I recently went on a shopping spree… for some occasionwear for a couple of events I have coming up. These dresses made me feel beautiful and put a smile on my face that did not leave so I knew they were winners! One was my Valentine’s dress… can you guess which one? Let me know which is your fave! Shoutout to SOUNDATION whose new song ‘WAITING’ is used in the video. Link to the song is in video description box!

  1. Hold Your Head Bandage Dress | Dark Orange | Size S | Fashion Nova
  2. Ripple Dress | Black | UK 8 | Lipsy
  3. Mesh Ruched Bodycon Dress | Floral Print | UK 8 | Missguided
  4. Morticia Dress | Black | Size S | Fashion Nova
  5. Plunge Bandage Dress Midi | Rose | UK 10 | Missguided
  6. Kocktails Bandage Dress | Deep Red | Size S | Fashion Nova
  7. Nature Made Dress | Denim Blue | Size S | Fashion Nova
  8. Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit | Grey | UK 10 | Missguided
  9. Nova Boost Jumpsuit | Black | Size S | Fashion Nova with Duster Coat | Pink | UK 8 | Primark 

For my thoughts and feelings about Fashion Nova, watch this video below.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I have some beauty related ones coming up for you next as I know my old school followers have missed them!

Appreciate you steady supporting me and I thank you 🙂

Big hugs and extra besos 💋

TBH! xoxo

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Coming Soon…

Hey everyone!

Want to know what you can expect from me in the coming months? Read below to find out more! Below is some of the exciting things that are coming soon!

  • Friends and Family Appreciation Make-overs and Consultations!
  • Top 5 Favourites Videos (Foundation, Blush, Lipstick and more)
  • The Beauty Holder on Location
  • Update on my Natural Hair journey
  • Loves and Loathes
  • Special FX Make-up
  • Colour Correction 101
  • More Straight! No Chaser reviews!
  • Collaborations
  • New Year Giveaway
  • Contouring and Concealing 101
  • Man Zone!
  • Spotlight on…
  • Love me do! Valentine’s looks!

saving the best for last

  • Getting Glam! Specialist Beauty and Hair Workshops with The Beauty Holder and Korell Williams!

Korell and I

That is just for starters!

I’m excited for this year and I am cooking with gas!!! Woo Hoo!

Got something you wanna see/ learn/ know about that isn’t above? Then get at me!

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YouTube: The Beauty Holder


TBH! xoxo



Haul in the USA!

Hey Beautiful People!

I have been in Florida for the past week visiting family and never miss an opportunity to restock or purchase items for my kit. Let me not pretend it is all for my kit as we all know my lipstick obsession can get a little out of hand. I will apologise now.

First point of call for me is the drugstores, CVS, Walgreens, Beauty Supply stores and then to the mall. That is where I find Sephora, MAC and ULTA. I was quite well behaved in the latter stores and took advantage of the bargains on lashes at Target, WalMart and Sally’s.

Couple pics of what I’ve picked up so far. I will swatch most of them when I get back to the UK.  Some of them are likely to feature in my giveaway soon.

MAC Sephora Walgreens Dollar Tree Ulta Target CVS



If you click on the picture it will show where it was purchased!


TBH! xoxo

Tomorrow: Saturday Selfie!


I’m getting Married in the Morning…

Well, not exactly. I am hoping for a ‘Twilight’ wedding to be honest but that is another subject! My weekends have been busy recently,  attending events around the world of beauty and make-up. Whilst I am not the social butterfly I used to be, it is my duty to bring you some of my exciting and interesting finds at these places. Yep! You guessed it! This is another haul post!

A couple of my friends and I went to The National Wedding Show in Earl’s Court about 2 weekends ago. There were gorgeous dresses and cake tasters and so much more but you know I went straight for the beauty / cosmetic exhibitors. There were only a few and here is what I picked up. Click on the company names to go directly to their website for more info.

Helen E Cosmetics (4 items for £10)

These pencils are super creamy and so very pigmented. The challenge was what colours to choose.

Eyeliner Pencil (sponge tip on one end)! Top to Bottom Aqua/ Midnight/ Moss/ Black

Helen E cosmetics

Swatches backwards as above left to right!


I was at the same show with my Sister, Mom and Niece at least 3 years ago and we picked up some K Co makeup. I loved that it was a simple product (you can see a pattern here) that gave the face an even glow. Needless to say although used sparingly, I hit pan and was glad to get some more.

The offer this time was a Natural Glow compact, mascara, duo fiber brush, and lipstick for £25. Products are not tested on animals and are paraben free.

IMG_5272 burnt red swatch


There was one more item I picked up. That deserves it own review and no… it is not a wedding dress! See you in my next post!


TBH! xoxo


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Mini Avon Haul…

Hey everyone!

Quick haul post on some Avon goodies I picked up recently. Yes! I said Avon! I don’t know what it is that makes people shun away from Avon as serious beauty and make-up experts as the company has been around for longer than I can remember. When I mention it to people they seem to put it in the same breathe as ‘Tupperware’. If you don’t know what that is you may be too young to be reading this blog.

All I can say is that Avon is in my opinion a force to be reckoned with in this ever competitive world of beauty. Quality products that you can afford make them one of the most trusted brands around having outlasted many others. There is something a little quaint about having a Avon representative come with a catalogue of the latest products and specials. No! It is no longer just for your Mother or Aunt, it is for everyone. For more on Avon, click here.

I am a huge fan of their lip products and mascaras but have yet to try foundations and so I got a couple to test out. Below are details of the items I purchased along with some swatches!


Ideal Flawless- Invisible coverage foundation in Nutmeg (l) and Sable (r)

Foundation with pump swatches


Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner in Teal and Brown



Avon Colour Trend Mascara in Cobalt

Mascara Swatch

Prepare to Party Bag:

SuperShock Mascara in Black / Glimmerstick eyeliner in Blackest Black/ Ultra Colour Lipstick in Red 2000/ True Colour eyeshadow duo in Healthy Glow/ Cosmetic Bag

Prepare to Party Bag Red 2000 Eyeshadow

The prepare to party bag was £10 and is a really cute gift idea. Foundations were £7 each. The eyeliners I think were about £4 on special offer.

Excited to do a look with them soon!

Do you shop Avon? Tell me about it. If not, tell me too. I wanna hear what you think about it all.


TBH! xoxo







Beauty buys from The Big Apple!

I love being able to travel and source beauty products that you can’t find in the UK. Yes, some products you can order and have shipped here but many times the postage cost and any additional customs charges can put you off. My recent trip to America was a great opportunity to pick up some new products and as always restock my kit with some old favourites.

Back in the day (a very long time ago) when we had a Sephora in Brent Cross, I was not into make-up so I didn’t know it’s worth! I do now and I wish they would bring it back to the UK. Sephora bosses are you listening?? That was the number one place on my list! Along with the beauty supply store, CVS and other drug stores, MAC and Ulta. We do not have an Ulta in the UK either.

For most of my male readers, if you have made it this far past the title, I commend you. Don’t stop now!

The beauty supply store is a great place for lashes and other little make-up and beauty goodies at a really good price. I have said before that beauty does not have to be costly. Your local beauty supply will have more than a wide variety of hair weaves and the big chunky earrings that you know I love to wear (hint, hint)!

I went to MAC specifically for an eyeshadow called saddle (a gorgeous warm toned brown). The closest dupe in the UK is Texture which I use quite a lot. Again, not all MAC stores sell the same products. The drugstore was for Cover Girl Queen Foundations (been wanting to try for so long). I also purchased some products from Target in Florida which are not included in this haul. Mainly brushes which I have used and the foundations.

With the exchange rate pretty low compared to years before, I still got a great deal on these products- even the ones from BH cosmetics which I ordered online.

Not all these products are for me. I am going to be hosting another giveaway, this time on my INSTAGRAM (thebeautyholder) account as a thank you to all my followers. I have been truly blessed and overwhelmed by the support for this new journey I have undertaken and I want to say thank you. Details will be announced via instagram next week so look out! Not to fear if you are not on instagram… there will be another blog giveaway in a couple of months.

I will not be listing the products but if you would like to know a specific colour or more information on a product let me know by leaving a comment. I will also be doing a couple of looks using the products in an upcoming blog!

From Sephora (the bag is a giveaway) 🙂



Mac Cosmetics:



BH Cosmetics (online):

BH Cosmetics


CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade:

Drug stores



Beauty Supply Store:

Beauty supply Store

I did not make it to Ulta and that is probably a good thing!



TBH! xoxo






It’s all in the Motives…

Mini haul post…

Motives Cosmetics is an American brand by Loren Ridinger. Their objectives seem simple, to make affordable quality make-up for women of all ages and skin tones. They also have a skin-care range that not only has products for the outside but for the inside too (their ‘Ultimate Aloe’ drink is great). When a company is delivering a triple threat like this I am always excited to try it and get involved.

For many of my clients, make-up quality is paramount but it goes hand in hand with price, reputation and more. It can be a little overwhelming looking for the right products for you when there is so much competition on the market. If you’ve read any of my make-up posts before, you know that I am passionate about any tone/ complexion being able to find makeup for them- especially foundation. Whether you have the fairest of skin or a gorgeous darker tone, you should have no trouble finding a variety of cosmetics that enhance and compliment you.

I remember a photo I saw of LaLa Anthony in a fierce hot pink lipstick over a year ago and that caught my attention. It was by Motives, for which she has her own collection- Motives for LaLa.

I was lucky enough to be invited to an intimate Motives Collection Preview last week. The preview showcased their Top 10 products and also some of their huge product range. Several members of the amazing Motives UK team (Tanesha, Gavin and Roxy) as well as a fabulous trainer from the US (Lisa) talked to us about the brand and it’s values. We had demonstrations on how easy the products and tools are to use (even for non- make-up artists) and what they have in the pipeline. The brand has been in the UK for a little over a year now and is doing big things. Not all of the range is available in the UK. I would advise that you check out the American site also especially for some of the foundations. For all my UK followers and friends who are interested in products, get in touch with me.

A great chilled out evening, without the hard pressure sell. It was interactive, informative and engaging. I’ve tried some of their lipsticks and eyeshadows before and have been pretty impressed. You will definitely see more from Motives in blog posts and make-up looks to come.

With my lipstick obsession which you all know about, I order some new products. Ordered Thursday and came on Saturday.

Pigmented, vibrant and flattering shades of lipstick gorgeousness are below as well as a blush 🙂

Swatches are in order of pics!

Box FreshLipgloss is poppin'...It is all in the name...

lip gloss swatches


Gossip, La Reina, Flirt and Trend Setter!


lipstick lipstick swatches


Naughty, Fire and Times Square (can you guess my fave)?

Blush it to me...blush swatches



TBH! xoxo

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