Balance! Finding inner peace…

Hey Loves,

It has indeed been a while since we last had any contact with each other. In the past, I have said sorry for my absence and whilst I am always disheartened at not posting content as often as I would like, I cannot apologise for focusing on self and healing.

When we think of healing, it is often the outward or physical restoration that we feel is paramount. Band-aids cannot fix all wounds especially those inside the heart, mind and soul. I battle with my thoughts and feelings (which are very different) on a sometimes daily basis doubting whether I even understand myself at all. It is at these times I tend to ghost and reflect on what my soul is asking for. Let me say at this stage, it is not always a war on sadness, anxiety or hurt. It can also come about because of happiness, jubilation and joy and any changes that require you to stop and listen to your heart (there is an 80s power ballad in there somewhere- prize to the first person that knows it).

So how exactly do I seek out my inner peace?

  • I Stop! Stop apologising for who I am. Stop feeling like I have to explain my every move. Stop letting distractions and people make me feel like my voice and feelings do not matter. Stop allowing the fear of what others say or do stop you from being who you are. Whether friendships, relationships, your career, family, status, whatever or whoever- just STOP!
  • I Start! Start taking stock of what is truly important to me and not what others want of and for me. I start listening to what I honestly think about situations and in turn how it then makes me feel. I understand that separating each thought and feeling allows me to be more in control of my emotions and so much more.
  • I Trust! I trust that I don’t always get it right or have all the answers but that God does and that he will always find a way. I trust the learning that comes from each mistake or misjudgment I have made and use it as a future asset and not a liability. I trust that when all is right on the inside the outside follows.

Taking much-needed breaks away from the online world to reconnect with myself, family and friends on an intimate level is also very important. Picking up the phone and calling, rather than sending a text. Visiting people and talking face to face, talking to myself and meditating, removing the distortion and zoning in on the calm can repair so much. Balance what is inside and outside, you do not have to neglect one for the other.

Evolution is a natural rite of passage. Some of us do it more often and the road that we find ourselves on will/may differ to that of others. Let me say it loud for the people in the back… THAT’S OK! The path we take may be walked by many but the journey will never be the same. GO THROUGH, GROW THROUGH, SHOW THROUGH…

BREAK THROUGH!!!! (intentional spelling).

I hope this has been useful in some way. Just know, I may not blog as much as I used to but I am always thankful for the messages of encouragement and love that I receive from many of you. May you remember how important your inner self is. Don’t forget to shower it with healing, love or whatever it needs on the regular!

This post is dedicated to my Sister Carlene and my best friends Aaron and Pamela (Lola). You are always there… Thank you and I love you x

Besos 💋!

TBH! xoxo











2 responses to “Balance! Finding inner peace…”

  1. Much luv always, boo. Self care is the best care xo

    1. Love always babe! Thank you ❤️

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