Everything is better in Pyjamas!

Hey Loves,

The thought of wearing your pyjama’s outside of the house seems to fill people with all kinds of fear! Thinking about it honestly, and no, you don’t have to do this out loud, I am sure you have either done a school run, grocery or corner store trip in some sort of bedtime attire at some point in your life. Granted, the type of bedroom wear you venture out in is likely to pass for street wear (Onesies, terrycloth, seasonal, fluffy slippers not included) but hey, if at any time you wanna be a little more fashion forward then allow me to give you some tips.

Did I really just say fashion forward and me and tips in the same sentence? What is self- confidence without the self, right? The trend of wearing underwear and pj’s as everyday clothing has been around for a minute. Like all fashion trends, they are hot, then not and then people just do whatever, whenever. The latter is my favourite type of style, do you honey and make no apologies for it!

I have been loving kimonos, satin dressing gowns, camisoles and nightwear sets as tops or jackets but decided to go one step further and wear the whole Pyjama suit for my lovely friend, Talitha’s Spa Birthday getaway recently. The bold floral print elevated this relaxed look to something a little more risque but still classy enough for a beautiful dinner. Pairing it with a pale pink lace bralette underneath was a conscious effort to keep the nighttime momentum going. Too much for you? Then consider this when rocking underwear as outwear:

  • Start with one piece of underwear/ loungewear/ nightwear and dress it up or down according to your taste. (e.g. Lace bodysuit and jeans, Silk, satin Kimono with a vegan leather skirt).
  • Mix print, textures, fabrics but make sure to tie the overall look together (e.g. focus on a colour to emphasise).
  • Ensure the fit is comfortable and tailored to your size. Whilst you can get away with oversized everything these days it is important to make sure your not looking boxy or being swallowed by the clothes. Accentuate what you love, whether that is your waist, shoulder, midriff or legs. This is especially important for bras! The closer it is to your body then the better the fit needs to be.
  • Accessorize your look. Long or dainty necklaces, statement jewellery, belts or even a hat makes it more personal and takes it from shop floor to your own unique runway! Add some showstopper heels and strut and slay gurl!
  • Customize it. (Like above but not)! There are some awesome videos online and blogs that help you unleash your creativity. So if you wanna dye it, tie it, lace it or cut it… go forth and BE BOLD my friend!
  • Raid your partner’s [insert any male you know here] closet too! If you do like the oversized look then men’s nightwear can make a banging look. Especially once you customise it!
  • For my fellas– Get your Hugh Hefner on! A good smoking (without the smoking) jacket can be a good look!
  • Have fun with it! So you wear jim-jams to dinner? Who really cares? People may know or they may not, either way, you’re just expressing yourself like only you can and I am certainly here for that!

Most people won’t even realise it and many retailers are trying to ‘disguise’ (but not) the look with higher quality materials and patterns. So when you open those holiday gifts this year and see pyjamas… close your eyes and look again! See a whole new outfit that you’re about to shut the town down in!

Details: ASHA Floral Culotte (£12.99) UK8 and Kimono (£24.99) UK10- New Look (AW17) | Pink Faux Suede Pumps- New Look (£9.00) in sale |Pale Pink Bralette (£5.00)- Primark (SS16) |

Thank you to my beautiful friend Talitha for organising such an awesome birthday trip. You are honestly one of the most special people in my life and I love you dearly! Happy Birthday sweetheart and also big birthday blessings to our other friends Nada and Julia who were part of the trip! Hope you all enjoyed your birthdays! To all the other amazing ladies who were there… you already know I love y’all with a passion. In the presence of greatness on that trip. Can’t wait for the next one!


Thanks for checking out this post. Hope you enjoyed it! If you wanna know what any of the lovely ladies are wearing hit me up. I am hoping to feature some of their fashion on the blog next year!

Next on the blog: Weightloss update 2017!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo






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