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Collective Dress Haul 2017 |👗

Hey Loves,

It’s Fri-YAY!!! I feel like I have been anxiously awaiting the weekend for a couple of days. Honestly, I do not like to wish the days away but it has been one of those weeks. How are y’all doing? How are things?

Excited to be blogging and vlogging and getting back to me again! There is something about expressing yourself in an unapologetic way. Just being who you are and seriously making no apologies for that! I digress…

Building the confidence to wear dresses again has been an uphill battle. The confidence in dresses is one thing but the confidence overall in this new body of mine is another. More on confidence coming soon. You can always check here for some tips that have worked for me in the past. I did not think I would be able to rock bandage dresses or even mini dresses so this has pushed my fashion in a different direction.

So I recently went on a shopping spree… for some occasionwear for a couple of events I have coming up. These dresses made me feel beautiful and put a smile on my face that did not leave so I knew they were winners! One was my Valentine’s dress… can you guess which one? Let me know which is your fave! Shoutout to SOUNDATION whose new song ‘WAITING’ is used in the video. Link to the song is in video description box!

  1. Hold Your Head Bandage Dress | Dark Orange | Size S | Fashion Nova
  2. Ripple Dress | Black | UK 8 | Lipsy
  3. Mesh Ruched Bodycon Dress | Floral Print | UK 8 | Missguided
  4. Morticia Dress | Black | Size S | Fashion Nova
  5. Plunge Bandage Dress Midi | Rose | UK 10 | Missguided
  6. Kocktails Bandage Dress | Deep Red | Size S | Fashion Nova
  7. Nature Made Dress | Denim Blue | Size S | Fashion Nova
  8. Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit | Grey | UK 10 | Missguided
  9. Nova Boost Jumpsuit | Black | Size S | Fashion Nova with Duster Coat | Pink | UK 8 | Primark 

For my thoughts and feelings about Fashion Nova, watch this video below.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I have some beauty related ones coming up for you next as I know my old school followers have missed them!

Appreciate you steady supporting me and I thank you 🙂

Big hugs and extra besos 💋

TBH! xoxo

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Camo(uflage) Cutie…

Hey Loves!

Outfit of the Night look below for a friend’s birthday dinner. Details below!

Oversized Sweater:  Missguided | Camo style jeans : Discovery clothing (Florida) | Black Ankle Boots : New Look | Gold Hoops : Primark | Love Name Chain : Gifted

Look out for a hair update coming soon!

Don’t forget to connect with me! 

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New video goes live on my channel this weekend! 🎉



#CopMyCloset | Body Party!🎊

Hey Loves! Hope your weekend has been as amazing as you are and you are ready for an awesome week ahead! Quick look at what I wore for a double birthday celebration last night! My friends Korell and Jodie were born on the same day (16th May) and had their respective events last night. Intimate dinner with Korell and his family and friends and Jodie had posh drinks and nibbles. Although I don’t drink I wanted to spend time with both. So what to wear to two different events? Easy a nude body suit with jeans and heels! Simple!

 Body Party Full Outfit Body Party Full Outfit

Nude Bodysuit: MissGuided | Distressed Jeans : Matalan | Nude Cross stitch Pumps: New Look | Hair: Mine

nude pumps new look

These shoes are soooo gorgeous and comfortable they needed a close up! They will be a staple this season for sure. Who doesn’t love a good nude pump! I purposely didn’t wear a statement/ chunky necklace with this look and opted for 2 small chains from H&M not pictured.

Happy Birthday once again Jodes and KW. Wishing you both an wonderfully healthy and happy year now and always!

Jodes and DM Selfie  Korell and DM selfie

Glam look was nothing spectacular. Will post a makeup look this week as it has been a while!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Besos 💋


Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Mandisa!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Friday…Yay! That means it is time for another Beauty Is… feature. It has been a couple of months since my last one and the aim is to have one each month. This month I am excited to introduce to you Mandisa (you get beauty just from her name)! One of the great things about blogging is that you meet fellow bloggers with the same interests. Mandisa co-writes a blog, DivinelyRooted about natural hair. It is an honest mix of reviews, advice and life with natural hair. Want to find out more about this natural beauty… then read below!

Beautiful Mandisa

1: Do you wear makeup?!If so, when did you start?

-I do, I started at the ripe old age of 24 LOL

2: How would you describe your makeup style?

-Natural and nude.

3: What product can you not live without? (Skincare or makeup)

-I CAN NOT and WILL NOT live without mascara! It’s the easiest thing thing to do that can brighten up your whole face in like, 26 seconds! I keep buying new ones! I’m up to 6 now 🙊🙈

4: Breakdown your beauty regime?

-For an everyday look? I’m a teacher, so it’s very simple. I don’t have time to do too much. Usually it’s just mascara, because I’m always running late. If I want a beat face, I’ll go ahead and do foundation, highlight, contour, eyeshadow, and more!

5: Who is your Beauty Inspiration or icon?

-Rihanna! Her nude looks are to DIE for and I’m still trying to recreate them.

6: Makeup nightmare?

-Not blending my highlight! Yowza!

7: Any tips or secrets?

-To not get mascara everywhere, stick your finger over your eyelid as you apply.

8: In a sentence or two, explain what beauty truly means to you?!

-Beauty to me encompasses the whole person; body, soul, and mind.

Beautifully Beautiful Mandisa

Thank you so very much Mandisa for being beauty personified and taking part in this feature! Don’t forget you can find out more about Mandisa on her blog, Divinely Rooted.

We have a Lyrical Poet with a beautiful voice in next month’s feature. Don’t miss out. Want to be featured? Just email me or tweet me @thebeautyholder

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post!

Have an awesome Friday and weekend!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


Overdue: Natural Hair Update!

Hey Everyone!

I’m keeping up with my blog-a-day statement for this week. I have actually enjoyed it and feel like I a getting back into the swing of things. If I am honest some of the excitement has come from trying to extend the reach of this blog through some of the other things that make me happy, such as food and clothes. I continue to enjoy being able to connect with you all and thank you for taking time to accept the connection!

So this one has been long overdue. If you are a regular to my blog or indeed any of my other social sites, you will know that I embarked on a Natural Hair Journey in January 2014. Check out more here, and here. It has been a love/ struggle kind of thing because I was really into it at first but then suffered a setback.

In the quest to find the right products for my hair and make sure it was doing well I went to a ‘Natural Hair Salon’. I thought being able to get some professional advice would be useful and steer me on the right path. BOY! WAS I WRONG!

Without naming and shaming the place (I made a complaint and was refunded and compensated- but it did not change the feeling inside and the appearance outside) it was not the experience I had hoped for. The short (literally) version is I went in with hair and came out with none. The senior stylist told me that my hair was in great condition and just needed a couple of stray straight ends in the back to be removed. She told me it was a trim but what I got was a cut.

It is insane how much of my confidence I left in the salon with my hair on the floor. I felt taken advantage of and vulnerable. I was mad and so disgusted by the service. It is easy to say it is just hair and will grow back but at the time you don’t feel that way. Especially when the decision was not one I made or felt necessary. Let me say that I did research this place before I went. Just because they were award wining didn’t mean they were perfect. They had some reviews which all were positive but who posts bad reviews? Whether they have it in their power or not (most do unless independent) to filter them post a review. I made sure I gave mine on this experience and I was honest.

Here is a pic of my hair before I went in and after. I did not take many pics during this period. For pics of my hair and styles before the experience click here.

                                       Hair before  After

I could dwell on how bad I felt thereafter but it will not change or alter what has happened. Although my hair would have been a lot longer and thicker now, it has been growing. I have been putting more effort into protecting it through styles that mean I don’t have to manipulate and have my hands in it all the time. I am a wig freak at the moment and continue to love being able to switch up my look.

What has the experience taught me?

  • Ask questions every step of the way at the salon
  • If something doesn’t feel right then trust your instinct
  • Challenge the advice (even if from a professional) if something seems off
  • Beware of stylists who ‘over compliment’ your hair.
  • Research. Although even as we see above it doesn’t mean they will be great.
  • If you are not happy make sure to tell them. Follow a complaints procedure and take it further.
  • Learn about your hair. Read books, go online and start to understand your hair and what you could be doing to take care of it without simply relying on a salon.
  • There will be no monetary amount that can compensate for the damage that has been done
  • Don’t let a bad experience taint you and make you lose confidence. Not all stylists or salons are like this and your hair does not make you confident…it helps but it is all about you!
  • It will grow back. It may take longer and it may be different but it is your hair and you will love it.

The last point was more of a personal growth point for me as I once knew someone who had beautiful hair and it began to fall out one day. She had severe alopecia. Losing your hair is difficult for any person and when it is related to health even more so. For more information on Alopecia or hair loss, click here or search alopecia and hair loss.

So for all my friends wondering if I am still natural, yes I am. Just look below! This was day 3 of an old wash and go!

                                  now  wash and go puff

I will be keeping up with further updates and so with my natural hair. It is a faded shade of burgundy at the moment and in protective styling… I am currently a redhead again!

Tomorrow on the blog… Beauty Is… (YAY!)

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


My Blog in Review! 2014 on rewind!

Hey Everyone!

Happy First Blog of 2015 and more importantly if I haven’t said it to you already, Happy and healthy 2015. Wishing lots of fun, laughter, love and multiple blessings! As I type this I feel as if I am back at the beginning of 2014 doing the same thing. To think that another year of blogging has flown by seems crazy. I was not as active in 2014 as I was in the years prior but I had a great time expressing myself through this forum. I’ve done a little brainstorming and a lot of soul searching and really want to push myself more. The only thing holding me back is me…so no more excuses! Warm up is over! It’s GAME time y’all!


You guys are a driving force for this blog. I love being able to interact and talk to you. You have given me a renewed spirit and confidence and helped me come out of a comfort zone. Thank you for reading and sharing. For taking time to comment, to request looks and reviews. For laughing at my not always funny jokes. There is so much to be grateful to you all for and I am. I do not do this for the applause or the ‘likes’. I learnt to not take someone hitting the like button personally. Just the fact that it is viewed as many times as it is means enough. So a huge THANK YOU with lots of pink kisses. It will only get better from here.

What blogging trouble (good, of course) did I cause in 2014? Here is a snippet!

  • 45 blog posts (there were 81in 2013).
  • Viewed more than 24,000 times (not bad considering I blogged a lot less than the previous year)
  • April showers could have been the reason for my busiest day. One Make-up Look, 3 Rocking Hairstyles– rocked!
  • We worldwide- 159 countries viewed my blog last year.
  • Most referrals from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and my lovely blogger friends and   (thanks ladies). 
  • Make-up looks and product reviews were the most popular!

Outside of my blog, I continued to cause trouble. Some of that included

  • It was a busy year for weddings and events with more than 7 weddings and double that in major events.
  • Published in a couple of Urban magazines and websites.
  • 5 page spread published in Black Hair and Beauty Magazine!
  • Worked with US Recording Artist Jeremih and his dancers at the MOBOs which was televised.
  • Expanded into children’s Face painting and worked a great event with my Twin and fellow MUA Donna Oliveiro.
  • More music videos and advertising campaigns.
  • Countless photoshoots and beating faces!
  • Increased my client consultations and so much more.

So what can you expect in the coming year…

Group workshops and more 1:1 beauty sessions

More videos on my YouTube Channel

3 new blog posts per week




Hair and Makeup


Reader features and LOTS more.

I seriously am just getting started so I hope you will continue on this crazy journey with me! It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Celfie game can only get stronger in 2015! Below is like 25% of the looks of 2014 so you can only imagine! *covers eyes but peeks through*

selfie game selfie game 2

Besos loves!

TBH! xoxo


Urban Decay’s ⚡ Electric Palette ⚡ : Make-up Look!

Hey Everyone,

If you follow my Facebook page you will have seen a sneak peek of a look using the above palette. I purchased this a while ago but haven’t been able to use it until now. I am sure you know by now that I adore really bold colours and this palette was all that and more.

Perfect for the summer sunshine and anytime really, Urban Decay are infamous for pigmented shadows and they do not disappoint with this one. Electric blues, powerful purples and neon greens and yellows, if you wanna take a walk on the BRIGHT side then you have come to the right place. The looks that you can create with this palette is endless. It is a little pricey at £37, however, I would say well worth it.I didn’t use a primer or base with this look and you can see the colours showed up amazingly.  Some notable dupes would include the BH Cosmetics Party Girl, Sleek Ultra Mattes and Candy Collection palettes. They are half the price and have a good colour payoff. There are others out there too.

So in true ‘Go Big or Go Home’ fashion, here is the look that I came up with. No matter your eye shape or indeed colour, you can work this palette like a pro. I get a lot of questions about hooded eyes, which I have and feeling restricted to looks. Do not let your eye shape deter you. You can amp up the look or play it down. Maybe use the shadows as liner only if you want, how about emphasising your lower lash line or even using one colour. It really is down to you- just make it electric!

I used 4 colours from the palette- Fringe, Urban, Savage and Thrash.

Colours used



Electric Palette Eyes Closed Eyes Open


Products used

Products used in the pic above. Lashes are by Ardell (Double up) and Mac’s Prep and Prime highlighter in Peach Lustre. I have posts on my brows, but will be doing an updated version soon. I very rarely do a winged liner on myself because my lid space is very small I

My hair was being deep conditioned so just slicked back into a ponytail.

Let me know if you have this palette and what you think. Do you like bold looks or is this too much for you? Would you like to see more looks like this or maybe a step by step pictorial?

I have a little carnival surprise for the next post. Check out my Facebook page for a little preview using the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette!

Thanks for sticking with me and for checking out this post!


TBH! xoxo