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I’m Back and Better!👌🏾

Hey Loves,

This first sentence has been written so many times and backspaced just as many. I mean how do I honestly start off this post considering I haven’t written one in so long! Actually, that is not all the way true. I have been blogging in my mind for the past 8 or so months; those thoughts have just not made their way out of the chambers in my mind. I guess some have broken free now and it feels good to say I’m back and I’m better! What does that even mean, though? Sounded good when Bryson Tiller’s dulcet tones sang it in ‘Don’t’ but in my world, it means more than I may be able to express right now.

I wanted to take a break from social media. I wanted to take some time for myself, to understand some of the things I was going through. I wanted some of my mental to catch up with my physical change. Yes, I intentionally chose the word wanted! I needed to look after my health, which was telling me I was a priority and not an afterthought. I wanted to look in the mirror and not pick myself apart because what I saw did not match up to what was ‘liked’ in the fickle beauty industry.

You see, no matter how confident we appear we all have inner battles that require us to reset our thinking so we can remind ourselves how AWESOME we are! Awesome AF! Rewiring some of my thinking has pushed me. Challenged me. Trained me. Strengthened me. Life has taken a series of interesting turns and I am grateful to God for seeing me through. Learning, evolving and continuing to focus on being the BEST me I can be… NO LIMITS!

So yes, your girl is back and better! Better in part also to many of you and your fantastic messages and love. Big thanks to those of you who got in touch telling me that you missed the blog. Missed me, and my small contribution in the form of this blog that does its own thing. Thank you for encouraging me and for sharing ways I have inspired you. Those that know me, know that I really love this blog and what it represents. The strange goings on from a chick that loves family, friends, Brooklyn, music, makeup Trey Songz and so much more! I have missed you all and pray that you are good and life is all it needs to be for you right now- especially in these trying times!

I’m gonna end by saying THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the Best Makeup Artist 💄 category at last year’s AFRO MODEL AWARDS! I don’t think I will ever get over the shock of winning. It was very soon after that night that I took time out. I put shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook but let me holla on here too. I am so grateful and blessed at the recognition and hope it raises your spirits and reminds you that you can do and be anything you want to. No matter your age or the stage you’re at in life! Your journey is in your hands!

20160529_210951 20160529_185839 20160529_172958

Wishing you all the love in the universe… see you in the next post!

Besos! 💋

TBH! xoxo

p.s. I know for some there are more questions and things you want to know. Not everything is for the blog and what is will be on the blog in due course!

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January LookBook 2016! | New Video!

Hey Loves!

I am back with a new video on my YouTube channel! Woo hoo! Moving with the times I have uploaded the above in full cinematic excitement. Ok, not quite but almost. Working on my lighting and editing skills but it is a little something something which I am proud of!

Would love it if you took a look and let me know what you thought. Don’t be shy, comment and get involved. Let me know more about your personal style. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and more importantly SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss any new videos. There is a lot more exciting content coming soon! Also your ideas are very welcome!

You can find all my other videos by searching ‘The Beauty Holder’ on YouTube! Enjoy!

Coming up tomorrow…

So I’m 40! Now what?

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo




My Blog in Review! 2014 on rewind!

Hey Everyone!

Happy First Blog of 2015 and more importantly if I haven’t said it to you already, Happy and healthy 2015. Wishing lots of fun, laughter, love and multiple blessings! As I type this I feel as if I am back at the beginning of 2014 doing the same thing. To think that another year of blogging has flown by seems crazy. I was not as active in 2014 as I was in the years prior but I had a great time expressing myself through this forum. I’ve done a little brainstorming and a lot of soul searching and really want to push myself more. The only thing holding me back is me…so no more excuses! Warm up is over! It’s GAME time y’all!


You guys are a driving force for this blog. I love being able to interact and talk to you. You have given me a renewed spirit and confidence and helped me come out of a comfort zone. Thank you for reading and sharing. For taking time to comment, to request looks and reviews. For laughing at my not always funny jokes. There is so much to be grateful to you all for and I am. I do not do this for the applause or the ‘likes’. I learnt to not take someone hitting the like button personally. Just the fact that it is viewed as many times as it is means enough. So a huge THANK YOU with lots of pink kisses. It will only get better from here.

What blogging trouble (good, of course) did I cause in 2014? Here is a snippet!

  • 45 blog posts (there were 81in 2013).
  • Viewed more than 24,000 times (not bad considering I blogged a lot less than the previous year)
  • April showers could have been the reason for my busiest day. One Make-up Look, 3 Rocking Hairstyles– rocked!
  • We worldwide- 159 countries viewed my blog last year.
  • Most referrals from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and my lovely blogger friends and   (thanks ladies). 
  • Make-up looks and product reviews were the most popular!

Outside of my blog, I continued to cause trouble. Some of that included

  • It was a busy year for weddings and events with more than 7 weddings and double that in major events.
  • Published in a couple of Urban magazines and websites.
  • 5 page spread published in Black Hair and Beauty Magazine!
  • Worked with US Recording Artist Jeremih and his dancers at the MOBOs which was televised.
  • Expanded into children’s Face painting and worked a great event with my Twin and fellow MUA Donna Oliveiro.
  • More music videos and advertising campaigns.
  • Countless photoshoots and beating faces!
  • Increased my client consultations and so much more.

So what can you expect in the coming year…

Group workshops and more 1:1 beauty sessions

More videos on my YouTube Channel

3 new blog posts per week




Hair and Makeup


Reader features and LOTS more.

I seriously am just getting started so I hope you will continue on this crazy journey with me! It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Celfie game can only get stronger in 2015! Below is like 25% of the looks of 2014 so you can only imagine! *covers eyes but peeks through*

selfie game selfie game 2

Besos loves!

TBH! xoxo

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Two is a Magic Number! Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

Hey Everyone!

So I mentioned in yesterday’s post that it was the second anniversary of my very first post yesterday. I can remember what it was like writing the first blog and thinking I have no clue what I am doing. I know I seem to have a lot to say all the time but I wondered if it would make sense.

The support and love I have received has been overwhelming. I probably put out on average a blog post every month and whilst I would certainly love to blog more often I am still finding my feet. Every time you view, comment, share, like but more importantly enjoy what I have to say, I am thankful. I love when you get in touch and ask questions or tell me what you want to see next on the blog. I love your support for a girl who didn’t know a thing about beauty or make-up (apart from not wearing black lip liner outside of high school). THANK YOU for riding with me after all this time and for giving me the drive to keep on keeping on.

Image: Google

I have posted about times that I wanted to give up and the frustrations of thinking that I wasn’t reaching anyone. As long as one person finds something in my blog then I am happy. I am in a place in my life where I am truly getting comfortable in my skin and that means that I am overjoyed being able to reach one person with my blog!

Check out some of my blogs from the beginning, here  and here and just for good measure, here!

So here’s to another year and another year after that and many more after that. Hope you will continue to roll with me!

Below is my face of the day for International Women’s day! Used my Sleek Eden Palette again (more details to follow).

International Women's Day

Thanks guys! You are awesome! Don’t forget you can subscribe to this blog so that you don’t miss a thing. Just put your email to the box on the right!

I am also on Facebook


Instagram and Twitter: @thebeautyholder


TBH! aka Donna-Marie Holder 🙂


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It’s my anniversary…

My blog anniversary that is! What a difference a year makes…

The first post was published on the 6th March 2012 and that was a simple introduction. The next day on the 7th, I officially ‘blogged’ and I have loved it ever since. Check out that first post here.

I have to admit that nostalgia can sometimes make you wonder what if… and wish for different outcomes but I am truly happier than I have been in a long time and is something to be said about following your dreams.

This time last year, I was looking at my team and trying to figure out how I was going to tell them I was leaving. How I was going to say to some of the people who were more like family that I was giving up my job to become a Make-Up Artist and Teacher. I went back and forth with the decision in my mind for so long that I almost chickened out. In the end I said nothing until a couple of days before I left.

It is crazy how life tries to choose your path and priorities for you. I had a successful career with a huge salary but I was not happy. I was betrayed by people I thought were friends and I didn’t see my family. My son was growing up right in front my eyes but I was missing it for work. I was doing 14 hour shifts, never saw my real friends and family and hated looking in the mirror. I thought the team I managed needed me. In the end, I needed myself to be happy, healthy and strong and I needed to be a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Girlfriend and more. I just needed to be me.

This blog was the first footstep on the road to me. I remember talking to my best friend Aaron (Best Personal Trainer in town- follow him on Twitter @Mr_Froelich) saying that I was too old to change careers, that I was scared and the like and he reassured me by just being honest. He told me, it may be hard and it may new but give it your all. Do your best. The simplest of words but so effective.

I lost some special people in my life, some through choice and some not, who have not seen how happy I am since I did what my heart told me to. Some who don’t know that within 2 weeks of leaving my old job, I was able to toilet- train my then 9 year old Autistic son. Some who have missed the highs and lows and the smile on my face every day I wake up knowing, I am following my dream. I have made mistakes and I am not the best out there but I am the best me I know how to be and I am super ok with that!

I am now a Professional Make-Up Artist as of last year May and am working as a Teaching Assistant. I am headed back to University to become a Teacher also. My son is happier and I am happier knowing that no matter how hard it seems, it gets better. It is not selfish to put you first!

I will always try and thank everyone personally and if I haven’t in this blog, please don’t be offended. I love you with all I am.

From the beginning: Daddy, Troy, Dace and Carlene… Teresa, Daddy Ernest (RIP) PK (although you may never read this), Glemma, Aaron, Solvita… Liliana, John Barry, Bilsi and Jade… Tim, Naomi and Rochi-Boo, Korell, Adrian, Mario…

New friends: Nathalie, Pamela… Sydney, Ny, Cat, Jodes, Char, Fabian…

There are so many of you who have played a role in my new beginning whether through reading/ subscribing to this blog, allowing me to do your make-up or just your words of encouragement. I thank you and thank you some more.

Life isn’t about the money or the fame, the applause or attention. I know that now more than ever! Maybe you have a dream you want to follow…maybe now is your turn. I pass the baton on… it is never too late!

Thanks for reading this post!


TBH! xoxo