You’re my Fave! 10 Products I loved in 2017!

Hey Loves, Happy New Year! Happy New Light! Happy New Love! I hope this year brings you happiness, joy, health, laughter, prosperity, love and light in abundance, overflowing! I am not the beauty junkie/ hoarder I used to be and have been trying really hard not to purchase EVERY NEW product that hits the market. … Continue reading You’re my Fave! 10 Products I loved in 2017!

Fenty Beauty… Part 1 (The Introduction)!

Hey Loves, Depending on what you look for when you visit my blog (i.e. fashion, makeup, reviews or sheer tomfoolery) then this post may or may not have much impact! I hope, however, that it will appeal to those who are interested in makeup, beauty and more than that INCLUSIVENESS! So if makeup is your … Continue reading Fenty Beauty… Part 1 (The Introduction)!

Haul in the USA!

Hey Beautiful People! I have been in Florida for the past week visiting family and never miss an opportunity to restock or purchase items for my kit. Let me not pretend it is all for my kit as we all know my lipstick obsession can get a little out of hand. I will apologise now. … Continue reading Haul in the USA!

Tool Time: Make-up Brushes!

I have a lot of make-up brushes! A lot! I also have a lot of big hoop earrings and handbags! My make-up brushes are slowly starting to take over those collections. My excuse? I need them for work. You build quite a brush collection as a Make-up artist. This is because you lose them (I … Continue reading Tool Time: Make-up Brushes!

Straight… no chaser! Real Techniques Brush Review!

The following is an honest ( and always humble) review. I have not been paid or endorsed to make this and all opinions made are that of my own! Disclaimer over and out! I love make-up and tools that are versatile. Value for money is important to everyone and believe me, make-up and all that … Continue reading Straight… no chaser! Real Techniques Brush Review!