Happy International Women’s Day!

Hey Loves!

Happy International Women’s Day! I celebrate all the amazing women today past, present and future. Women who paved the way that I may have rights and opportunities that were previously denied. Those who have given up their lives in the pursuit of equality and justice. Whether famous or quiet heroes who only a few knew their names, I SALUTE and THANK YOU!

I want to thank the truly amazing women in my life, who hold me down like no other. My strong, independent, kind, smart, humble, generous, dedicated, honest, funny, creative, hardworking, giving, wise, women who I call family and friends.

THANK YOU for being lights in my life at times when darkness challenged my vision. THANK YOU for being giving with you love when I couldn’t and didn’t want to love myself. THANK YOU for there not only when it has been great but especially when it is tough. That is when you know real love when you are not abandoned but uplifted in your times of need.

In 2108 we are fighting more than ever to be seen as equal and not less, for respect and dignity and the right to be who and what we want to be. This year more than ever don’t stay silent and don’t feel that your voice can’t make and stand for change. You are WOMAN and you are LOVE!

Happy International Women’s Day: Unite, Embrace, Empower! ❤️

Besos 💋

TBH xoxo


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