My ‘natural’ Valentine… 🖤

Hey Loves, I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet! Whether you celebrated the ‘day of love’ with a significant other or sang Single Ladies’ with the same passion as Sacha Fierce (Yes... that’s Beyoncé) I hope you enjoyed it! For a member of #TeamOverdressed it was another reason to dress up and I think … Continue reading My ‘natural’ Valentine… 🖤

💋LA Girl Lip Paint…(in pictures)!💋

Hey Loves, Although we know I do not need anymore lip products I couldn't resist these. I have had them for about 6 months and have just taken them out of the packaging in time for Spring/ Summer. To be fair they will look gorgeous any season. Swatches  and make-up look to follow but wanted … Continue reading 💋LA Girl Lip Paint…(in pictures)!💋

New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x Simple💫

Hey Everyone! I have not blogged as much this year as I did last year but sometimes the work needs to happen in silence! I didn't want to see the year out without giving a couple of New Year make-up options. My annual Year in Review blog will be out this weekend so look out … Continue reading New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x Simple💫

#SaturdaySelfie * Pink, Purple and Red Valentine!

Hey Everyone, ****This was scheduled to be published last night but for some reason it didn't happen! Sorry about that!*** This edition of the #saturdayselfie is the look that I rocked for Valentine's Day. I have included it with a selection of different lips just because! You saw a snippet in my natural hair blog … Continue reading #SaturdaySelfie * Pink, Purple and Red Valentine!

NYX Butter Lipstick!

Hey Everyone!I am a straight sucker for lipstick and these new joints from NYX are seriously feeding the addiction. When Revlon launched their lip butters I practically bought out the whole drugstore. The colour payoff on some of them was disappointing ,however, NYX's Butter Lipsticks do not have that issue. Just look at the swatches … Continue reading NYX Butter Lipstick!

The Beauty Holder caught ‘red handed’ on location!

If you do ever 'catch' me red handed behind the scenes, I am always doing one of 3 things... Beating faces! It was I am there to do! Taking behind the scenes pics- photographer in the making and I love capturing the goofy moments you don't see! Singing along to Trey Songz/ Talking about Trey … Continue reading The Beauty Holder caught ‘red handed’ on location!

#SaturdaySelfie * White Lines

Hey Everyone! When I first got into make-up the one thing that I hated doing was winged liner! I hated it with a passion. When I did them on others they looked ok but on my hooded lids they looked a mess. I would dread if a shoot called for it but I was determined … Continue reading #SaturdaySelfie * White Lines

Lips for any Season or Reason…

Hey Everyone, If you follow make-up trends then it is likely that you will be rocking deep dark plum/ purple lips this Fall. I am not one to follow trends and so here are 3 of my favourite lip colours for you to wear in the Fall or any other season you so choose! We … Continue reading Lips for any Season or Reason…

Mini Avon Haul…

Hey everyone! Quick haul post on some Avon goodies I picked up recently. Yes! I said Avon! I don't know what it is that makes people shun away from Avon as serious beauty and make-up experts as the company has been around for longer than I can remember. When I mention it to people they … Continue reading Mini Avon Haul…

The Beauty Holder on location… Le Chateau D’or Fashion Shoot

If you follow me on instagram of have liked my Facebook page you may have seen some of the Behind The Scenes (BTS) from this shoot. Tania Westwood (Model in white) has designed an exciting, bold new fashion line for women. A newcomer to the fashion world with a flair for creating clothes that celebrate … Continue reading The Beauty Holder on location… Le Chateau D’or Fashion Shoot