January LookBook 2016! | New Video!

Hey Loves! I am back with a new video on my YouTube channel! Woo hoo! Moving with the times I have uploaded the above in full cinematic excitement. Ok, not quite but almost. Working on my lighting and editing skills but it is a little something something which I am proud of! Would love it … Continue reading January LookBook 2016! | New Video!

Love Me Do! Valentine Look #1 Green Glam!

Hey everyone! I love getting requests! Seriously the fact that you take time to get in touch and ask questions or request looks means a lot. I posted a green glitter look on my Facebook Page a couple weeks ago and I was asked to recreate the look on myself without the glitter. It is … Continue reading Love Me Do! Valentine Look #1 Green Glam!

The Beauty Holder caught ‘red handed’ on location!

If you do ever 'catch' me red handed behind the scenes, I am always doing one of 3 things... Beating faces! It was I am there to do! Taking behind the scenes pics- photographer in the making and I love capturing the goofy moments you don't see! Singing along to Trey Songz/ Talking about Trey … Continue reading The Beauty Holder caught ‘red handed’ on location!

Coming Soon…

Hey everyone! Want to know what you can expect from me in the coming months? Read below to find out more! Below is some of the exciting things that are coming soon! Friends and Family Appreciation Make-overs and Consultations! Top 5 Favourites Videos (Foundation, Blush, Lipstick and more) The Beauty Holder on Location Update on … Continue reading Coming Soon…

Easiest Make-up Tutorial…EVER!

Hey guys! I know, pretty bold claim but sometimes you gotta stand tall and tell all who will listen. Here is my first make-up tutorial on a requested everyday look! Hope you enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEUuLYYusUY Besos! TBH! xoxo Coming up next: My Random tag blog!

I’m on YouTube!

Hey everyone, I did it! Not only have I set up my YouTube channel, I posted my first video!!! It is a weirdly nerve-racking experience to say the least but I am seriously glad that I listened to my family and friends and did it. The ┬áplan for my channel is to do make-up tutorials, … Continue reading I’m on YouTube!