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The Beauty Holder on location… IWPG Women’s Day Event! 🌍 🌙 ❤️

Hey Loves,

A friend recently told me that I have inspired them to pursue a dream that has been silent for a while. I have been told that I am an inspiration before and I never really felt comfortable with such a title. I mean, an inspiration? How Sway? Does anyone have the answers? (If you know, you know). Blessed am I in more ways than one!

My head is often filled with ideas, conversations and dreams. I am inspired by others, people who I know and who I don’t, to do more, do better and love harder. In my back and better post, I spoke of having some time out for me, to find more of me and get on track to being me. Attending this amazingly powerful event delivered by the IWPG (International Women’s Peace Group) ignited a flame through a showcase of stories, dance, interviews and more. It reminded me that inspiration is personal to different people for a multitude of reasons and that it is all around us.

I have one of my best friend’s Tim to thank for inviting me to the event. I admit I was skeptical at first as I had not heard of IWPG until the show and even on the day I wasn’t sure about going as I was unwell and super tired. You see that devil tries to steal your joy and peace at any given opportunity. Not today, it was not going down like that. My other friend’s flaked on me and I was fashionably early (by like 2 hours) but I was meant to be there and empowerment that took place showered me with emotion.

The IWPG is an organisation that is championing world peace. I do not make that statement lightly as it is not some wishy-washy dream, it is a full-time dedication of selfless, hard-working, determined women who WILL achieve global peace. I have been reading up and learning more about what they do. This simple blog does not truly capture the ethos and power of this movement and I would love you to find out more here. Women from every corner of the world along with men, girls and boys are campaigning, petitioning, peacefully working to see peace a reality in this lifetime and always! Not as a one-off thing but as a forever truth for everyone, for those who have only known war, fighting, suffering, mutilation and every unthinkable act that divides us… for EVERYONE!

On March 8th 2017 in London, the #SHECAN cultural showcase hosted by IWPG celebrated women on a day that reminds us that #SHECAN and #WECAN achieve peace! I was touched by the ‘Stories of Santa Marta’ and the interpretive dance of war and divide and the healing hands of peace. The bloggers were awesome because as a blogger myself, I understood much of what they have been through as they try and find their place in a community that has many voices. Unfortunately, we were unable to take pictures or videos but the event was recorded and more will be on their website.


I began this blog questioning whether I could be called an inspiration when there are people all over the world fighting for a freedom that I have and do not always appreciate. Am I worthy to be called an inspiration? YES, I AM! I do not have to list the reasons that make me an inspiration as, like beauty, it is personal between the person I inspire and myself. I hope to one day do more and inspire more people. Your inspiration will take many forms, it could be in your cheerful disposition in the face of adversity or the way you laugh from your stomach or the in the warmth of your hugs. It could be your business and the work you do or the dreams you are making a reality but you inspire someone and if you didn’t know, you inspire my blogs on levels that are deeper than you know.

Thank you IWPG, I look forward to learning more. Thank you to everyone who took part on the night and all those who I met. Big thank you to Tim, who knew that I needed to be there… Love you, T-Bo!


Remember being YOU is YOUR POWER! #SHECAN

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please remember to click on the links above to learn more about IWPG!

Besos! 💋

TBH! xoxo


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The Beauty Holder on location… 7 Deadly Sins by Cat Nails!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying your Friday ready for the weekend. I know that I am. It seems to have been a slow week but I am not complaining as time is going by faster than normal and I certainly want to enjoy it.

The very talented CatNails, who I get to call one of my close friends, recently had a photo shoot for her new website. Stylist, Fashionista and another great friend, Talitha Cohen came up with the concept as well as clothing, accessories etc. As easy as the ‘7 Deadly Sins’ sound, it has been done before and we needed to make it stand out. With hair by the Fabulous  Tulay from Barnett’s Hair Salon and her team and Photography by Dee Favourite, we all worked together to create something visually spectacular.

CatNails is known for her nail art (as well as everything else NAILS). She is creative and has a real passion for her craft. Look out for her interview with me in a couple weeks. She had very clear visions on what she wanted for this shoot but also allowed all of the team to put forward ideas and suggestions which she happily took forward.

We were all excited and pumped for the City shoot and had some gorgeous models to work with. Everyone was upbeat and focused and the day went without a hitch.

Below are some behind the scenes shots from the day. Can you instantly recognise the sins from the pics? I will give you a hint… gluttony and wrath are missing! 🙂

Me, applying gems to the lips! Rhinestone cowgirl Blowing gemmed kisses

Glitter party! All I see is $ signs

Pink lady Green eyed beauty Blue Bomshell

Pretty Peacock Pretty Peacock

Cat working her magic Cat working her magic!

Green with... Nails and Nails


Make-up Products used:



Special Thanks to CatNails again for letting me be a part of this creative team. The wonderful Talitha, Tulay and Darwin. You all were amazing. Mus from Ceris and the team from Barnett’s Hair Salon. Abuk J. Ara and Harry from Jump Off Studios and finally our amazing models who did what they do so well including my girl, Ny- prettiest Peacock in all the land!

Twitter Contacts: @catnails  07506833952| @talithacohen | @deefavourite |@cerishairuk (Mus and Tulay)

Hope you enjoyed! More on location coming soon!


TBH! xoxo


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Coming Soon…

Hey everyone!

Want to know what you can expect from me in the coming months? Read below to find out more! Below is some of the exciting things that are coming soon!

  • Friends and Family Appreciation Make-overs and Consultations!
  • Top 5 Favourites Videos (Foundation, Blush, Lipstick and more)
  • The Beauty Holder on Location
  • Update on my Natural Hair journey
  • Loves and Loathes
  • Special FX Make-up
  • Colour Correction 101
  • More Straight! No Chaser reviews!
  • Collaborations
  • New Year Giveaway
  • Contouring and Concealing 101
  • Man Zone!
  • Spotlight on…
  • Love me do! Valentine’s looks!

saving the best for last

  • Getting Glam! Specialist Beauty and Hair Workshops with The Beauty Holder and Korell Williams!

Korell and I

That is just for starters!

I’m excited for this year and I am cooking with gas!!! Woo Hoo!

Got something you wanna see/ learn/ know about that isn’t above? Then get at me!

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TBH! xoxo