Beauty buys from The Big Apple!

I love being able to travel and source beauty products that you can’t find in the UK. Yes, some products you can order and have shipped here but many times the postage cost and any additional customs charges can put you off. My recent trip to America was a great opportunity to pick up some new products and as always restock my kit with some old favourites.

Back in the day (a very long time ago) when we had a Sephora in Brent Cross, I was not into make-up so I didn’t know it’s worth! I do now and I wish they would bring it back to the UK. Sephora bosses are you listening?? That was the number one place on my list! Along with the beauty supply store, CVS and other drug stores, MAC and Ulta. We do not have an Ulta in the UK either.

For most of my male readers, if you have made it this far past the title, I commend you. Don’t stop now!

The beauty supply store is a great place for lashes and other little make-up and beauty goodies at a really good price. I have said before that beauty does not have to be costly. Your local beauty supply will have more than a wide variety of hair weaves and the big chunky earrings that you know I love to wear (hint, hint)!

I went to MAC specifically for an eyeshadow called saddle (a gorgeous warm toned brown). The closest dupe in the UK is Texture which I use quite a lot. Again, not all MAC stores sell the same products. The drugstore was for Cover Girl Queen Foundations (been wanting to try for so long). I also purchased some products from Target in Florida which are not included in this haul. Mainly brushes which I have used and the foundations.

With the exchange rate pretty low compared to years before, I still got a great deal on these products- even the ones from BH cosmetics which I ordered online.

Not all these products are for me. I am going to be hosting another giveaway, this time on my INSTAGRAM (thebeautyholder) account as a thank you to all my followers. I have been truly blessed and overwhelmed by the support for this new journey I have undertaken and I want to say thank you. Details will be announced via instagram next week so look out! Not to fear if you are not on instagram… there will be another blog giveaway in a couple of months.

I will not be listing the products but if you would like to know a specific colour or more information on a product let me know by leaving a comment. I will also be doing a couple of looks using the products in an upcoming blog!

From Sephora (the bag is a giveaway) 🙂



Mac Cosmetics:



BH Cosmetics (online):

BH Cosmetics


CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade:

Drug stores



Beauty Supply Store:

Beauty supply Store

I did not make it to Ulta and that is probably a good thing!



TBH! xoxo






6 responses to “Beauty buys from The Big Apple!”

  1. Nice haul :). How long do you come to the US for?

    1. Thank you so much for checking out my haul blog! Hope you enjoy and visit again soon! I try and make it once a year. Depends on the reason for the visit…that determines the length of time I stay. I was booked for some weddings and photoshoots this time so was in town for 3 weeks! I am still missing NYC! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness TWIN!!! Alla that stuff looks delicious!!! Come over immediately!!!

    1. Lol! I’m on it! Lots to try out! xoxo

  3. Beauty holder your shopping hauls remind me so much of myself.I now rely on people picking things up for me.I have not been able to travel much since my diagnosis.I think beauty is the one thing you can hold on to…I can most days even from a hospital bed.Be happy with all you have,embrace it as you never know what tomorrow will bring and the strange thing is that you never think it will happen to you.You are so young and free so you do not think that way and sometimes you may feel invincible and nothing can touch you.
    Some people will say “but you look so well” really,its all make up,would you like some?):Beauty comes from the heart, the rest is just a bit off frosting!!!lol

  4. Beautyholder,you left out the following:
    Wet n wild color icon blush..wet n wild Megalast cream eye liner(super super dark)wet n wild Megalast matt lipsticks in Dollhouse Pink,Persimmon and a few others really dark vampy shade…it would look nice on you for a dramatic look.wet n wild single eye shadow in nutty,brûlée(basic neutral)shade called Penny..and there are 2 dark blacks.
    Milani:This brand can be found in small beauty shops in the UK Black/Afro…beauty supplies.You will not get the full range though.Oddly, I have picked up Milani in Portobello Market:carded fully enclosed Milani infinite liquid liner(there is a lovely blue it stands out),Milani Liquif’eye super black pencil liner(adore it),brow pen is great if you know what you are doing(its waterproof) so take caution.This one is great for any ladies that know me.Why?If you want to go swimming or to the beach this brow pen stays on and sets quickly.It has a very fine tip,which is helpful.I would use a pencil first and then go over it with this Milani pen.
    Beauty holder,you also must try some of there blushes the mauve when will look lovely on you,with a purple lipstick or purple/pink.There are some powder compacts with a beautiful colour to them..they are designed with roses actually on the powder.I have run out and I miss them.
    I see that you have Covergirl lashblast (its awesome) however,Max Factor have a fusion one its in a purple tube…similar brushes although formula seems a little drier.
    Hard Candy is very young and fun but it has some gems especially a product called Tiki it is great as a highlighter,the brand also has some products similar to Mac skin finishes.I like the shades and I also like that they are not frosty.Frosty products really age me.
    Physicians formula has a happy booster..its pink…has different shades that you can swirl together or not as you like…I like the design its cute and every one needs a happy booster.I would give one to all of you if I could.
    The list goes on beauty holder I am your personal shopping brain…Another product is Hard Candy’s Glamouflage (there are 3 shades) these will be useful for your kit as they are a bit too light sadly.You can use them for highlighting and you could also add a dark concealer to this product Nd use it in yourself.I wish they had a shade darker than tan but they don’t…Milani has nice pressed powders and foundations in compacts like Mac..they are worth it.
    I am not a make up artist but I know products…I enjoyed them so much before chronic disease infested me.It has taken me a long time to get to a stage where I am able to speak about myself.
    There are many people who follow Beautyholder but she is not aware.
    Beautyholder,I would go to the states and purchase products for your kit as well as for you.I think you would be able to put your trust unto me.I hoard as much as I can so that after a year I can give them to people so they feel good about themselves.Its a nice thing to give, you will be rewarded but in a different way.

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