Make-up haul from… The Beauty Joint!

There are some really great make-up products out there that are not always available in the UK! Whenever I go to the States I try to pick up some of my favourites. Some of the drug store best sellers are not only reasonable in price but great quality and definate rivals for their department store competitors.

I recently discovered ‘The Beauty Joint’… an online make-up haven selling some of those drug/ beauty store products for a price that doesn’t break the bank. That is an understatement to say the least. With such goodies as NYX, LA GIRL, WETNWILD (one of my personal favourites), MILANI and so much more, you won’t be disappointed at their variety or customer service. Worldwide shipping and a currency converter (including shipping costs) all at the touch of a button. If you live in the UK (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) and have struggled to find some of the above brands, check them out here. This is my first order but it will not be my last!

So what did I get? Yes, lipsticks of course (is the sky blue?) and… well take a look below for all my beauty joint goodies. All in all I spent just under £50 including shipping and insurance.

Check out my next post for your chance to tell me what look you want to see me create with this haul.



738 Comfort Zone– 8 pans of nudes, greens, browns and grey like golds.

736 Petal Pusher- Another 8 pan palette of pinks, purples, nudes and plums!

737 Blue had me at Hello– Love this one! Another big one with blues (as the name suggests), blacks, silver, nude and a brilliant turquoise.

249- Vanity–  this is a must have with a mix of matt and shimmer nudes. I go through a couple of these! (smaller 6 pan)

248Lust– pink, purple and grey.

Comfort Zone Petal PusherBlue had me at helloVanityLust



Auto eyebrow pencils in Medium Brown, Brown and Auburn

Eyebrow PencilsSwatches eyebrow pencils



Pro Conceal in Toast, Toffee and Fawn

LA Girl Concealers


Eyeshadow base 03 Skin tone (helps show eyeshadows true colour and minimises creasing).

Eyeshadow base



01 Dolce Pink (pink blend with shimmer)

07 Fantastic Mauve (pink/ purple / mauve blend with shimmer)

Milani Blushes


Desert Rose – dusty rose pink

Nyx blush



Mega Last Matte Lip Cover (wouldn’t say they are completely matte). Names in order of pictures below.

Sugar Plum Fairy

Smokin’ Hot Pink

Mauve Outta Here

Don’t Blink Pink

WetnWild Matte lipsticksMatte swatches (WnW)

Silk Finish Lipstick (nice creamy texture)

Fuchsia with Blue Pearl

Dark Pink Frost

Retro Pink

Just Garnet

Taj Mauve-Hal

WNW Silk finish lipsticksSilk finish swatches (WnW)

Can’t remember individual prices- apologies.

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Besos (with all those new lipsticks)…

TBH! xoxo





20 responses to “Make-up haul from… The Beauty Joint!”

  1. orderd ma stuffs frm beautyjoint n m stil yet to rciv it…

    1. Have you chased them up? When did you order it? Their service was really good when I used it… Really hope you get your order soon! 🙂 xoxo

  2. How are the LA girl concealers? I’m really particular about the concealers I use.

    1. I like them! For a cheap concealer they are pretty god coverage and not cakey! Great under the brows…eyes a little drying so mix with moisturiser and build! What do you currently use?! xoxo

  3. Hi I would like to place an order just like yours, I just wanted to ask if you needed to pay customs to receive your order? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hey! No I did not have to pay customs on this order. It came very quickly also. xoxo

  4. Hi! How long did it take for your order to arrive? I’m really interested to order from them soon. Thanks 😀

    1. About a week! Good luck! xoxo

  5. If it is under a certain weight or if its marked a gift then you avoid customs.I only know that from experience say when a friend sends something over.I don’t think nail varnish,remover etc is allowed.

  6. Hi, really wanted to order off that website but was wondering if you get charged customs and if so how much? Also how much is the shipping cost? Thanks

    1. Hello! I did not have to pay any customs charges because what I ordered was not that high! Shipping from memory was about £12 I think. It was a while ago so I don’t completely remember! Check out their site. I think there is still information on there! Sorry I couldn’t help more! xoxo

  7. Great post & swatches. I have placed my order with them and waiting to recieve it hopefully soon! Those wet & wild lipsticks look very pigmented glad I’ve ordered some!

    1. Thanks for checking it out and for commenting! The lipsticks are amazing at such an great price point too! Let me know how you get on when you get them! Thanks again! xoxo

  8. Hey how long did your delivery take xx

    1. Hello, thanks for your message! It has been so long now I can’t remember exactly. It was no longer than 2 weeks and honestly came very quickly! Sorry I couldn’t give you an exact date!

  9. Hiya, I know this post is pretty old but I was wondering how long the package took to get to you, it’s been about a week since I ordered mine and they didn’t give me an estimate of when it would arrive, I live in the UK near London. Also this post was super helpful when I was researching the site so thank you for doing such an informative review of the site.

    1. Hello! Thanks for your message! I’m glad you found it useful. It honestly was a really long time ago. From memory it was about 2 weeks to get the order. It wasn’t very long at all! Hope that helps! x

  10. Hi
    I found your post incredibly useful. I live in the uk so I was wondering if you opted for the shipping method with no tracking? How long did it take approximately?

    1. Hi Amina. This order was about 2 years old so I don’t remember how long. It wasn’t long maybe 2 weeks. I always opt for tracked it is safer that way. Hope it helps!

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