Mini Avon Haul…

Hey everyone!

Quick haul post on some Avon goodies I picked up recently. Yes! I said Avon! I don’t know what it is that makes people shun away from Avon as serious beauty and make-up experts as the company has been around for longer than I can remember. When I mention it to people they seem to put it in the same breathe as ‘Tupperware’. If you don’t know what that is you may be too young to be reading this blog.

All I can say is that Avon is in my opinion a force to be reckoned with in this ever competitive world of beauty. Quality products that you can afford make them one of the most trusted brands around having outlasted many others. There is something a little quaint about having a Avon representative come with a catalogue of the latest products and specials. No! It is no longer just for your Mother or Aunt, it is for everyone. For more on Avon, click here.

I am a huge fan of their lip products and mascaras but have yet to try foundations and so I got a couple to test out. Below are details of the items I purchased along with some swatches!


Ideal Flawless- Invisible coverage foundation in Nutmeg (l) and Sable (r)

Foundation with pump swatches


Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner in Teal and Brown



Avon Colour Trend Mascara in Cobalt

Mascara Swatch

Prepare to Party Bag:

SuperShock Mascara in Black / Glimmerstick eyeliner in Blackest Black/ Ultra Colour Lipstick in Red 2000/ True Colour eyeshadow duo in Healthy Glow/ Cosmetic Bag

Prepare to Party Bag Red 2000 Eyeshadow

The prepare to party bag was £10 and is a really cute gift idea. Foundations were £7 each. The eyeliners I think were about £4 on special offer.

Excited to do a look with them soon!

Do you shop Avon? Tell me about it. If not, tell me too. I wanna hear what you think about it all.


TBH! xoxo







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