Mini Make-up Haul…

Otherwise known as an excuse to go shopping 🙂 | I needed to get some stock for my kit this time.

I took a quick trip to Shepherds Bush, home of PAM (Precious about Makeup) London and then MAC Westfields. I tend to arm myself with a shopping list and a budget so that I don’t go overboard- us make-up junkies always feel we need more. Here is what I picked up!

From PAM:

Ben Nye: Banana Luxury Powder 3 oz. Super excited to try this colour as I already have Topaz and Coco Tan. They are gorgeous setting powders. The banana one when used under the eyes, gives that well sought after highlighted look- worn by Kim Kardashian.

Make Up Forever: Dany Pouch Great tool for brush storage and pencils- in fact what ever you decide to store in it. I brought it for brushes on the go!

Bdellium tools: Blending Brush 776 (Eyes) You can never have too many blending brushes!

Haul goodies

MAC Purchases:


Deep Truth- gorgeous metallic like blue

Atlantic Blue– Matt blue/ purple

Swiss Chocolate– Matt brown


Up The Amp– Rose pink but can come off almost pink/ lilac


Blooz– Blue eye kohl

Minted– Green eye kohl

We all know I am not afraid of colour and my clients don’t seem to be either. Excited to try out the blues especially!

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TBH! xoxo

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5 responses to “Mini Make-up Haul…”

  1. Hey, I am so jealous of your new MAC goodies! Also, where did you purchase your Ben Nye banana powder? Is it any good?

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I love the other Ben Nye powders and have no doubt I will love this too as the various shades compliment any skin colour! I don’t know if the super highlighted look is for me but alot of clients love it. The powder is so fine and sits well on the skin! xoxo

    2. Sorry! I forgot to add I got it at PAM London. Link in the blog! xoxo

  2. Thanx TBH… I’m always inspired by your blogs 🙂 xoxo

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