Hey Beautiful People!

I have been in Florida for the past week visiting family and never miss an opportunity to restock or purchase items for my kit. Let me not pretend it is all for my kit as we all know my lipstick obsession can get a little out of hand. I will apologise now.

First point of call for me is the drugstores, CVS, Walgreens, Beauty Supply stores and then to the mall. That is where I find Sephora, MAC and ULTA. I was quite well behaved in the latter stores and took advantage of the bargains on lashes at Target, WalMart and Sally’s.

Couple pics of what I’ve picked up so far. I will swatch most of them when I get back to the UK.  Some of them are likely to feature in my giveaway soon.

MAC Sephora Walgreens Dollar Tree Ulta Target CVS



If you click on the picture it will show where it was purchased!


TBH! xoxo

Tomorrow: Saturday Selfie!

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