I’m getting Married in the Morning…

Well, not exactly. I am hoping for a ‘Twilight’ wedding to be honest but that is another subject! My weekends have been busy recently,  attending events around the world of beauty and make-up. Whilst I am not the social butterfly I used to be, it is my duty to bring you some of my exciting and interesting finds at these places. Yep! You guessed it! This is another haul post!

A couple of my friends and I went to The National Wedding Show in Earl’s Court about 2 weekends ago. There were gorgeous dresses and cake tasters and so much more but you know I went straight for the beauty / cosmetic exhibitors. There were only a few and here is what I picked up. Click on the company names to go directly to their website for more info.

Helen E Cosmetics (4 items for £10)

These pencils are super creamy and so very pigmented. The challenge was what colours to choose.

Eyeliner Pencil (sponge tip on one end)! Top to Bottom Aqua/ Midnight/ Moss/ Black

Helen E cosmetics

Swatches backwards as above left to right!


I was at the same show with my Sister, Mom and Niece at least 3 years ago and we picked up some K Co makeup. I loved that it was a simple product (you can see a pattern here) that gave the face an even glow. Needless to say although used sparingly, I hit pan and was glad to get some more.

The offer this time was a Natural Glow compact, mascara, duo fiber brush, and lipstick for £25. Products are not tested on animals and are paraben free.

IMG_5272 burnt red swatch


There was one more item I picked up. That deserves it own review and no… it is not a wedding dress! See you in my next post!


TBH! xoxo



2 responses to “I’m getting Married in the Morning…”

  1. 🙂 have you used the other item yet? lol xx

    1. I have. I am finishing up my review on it next week.

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