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Lush Life? 🤔

Hey Loves,

How are you? How have you been doing? I wonder if you really answered that question or did you just read it in your mind and ignore it? Tell you what let’s make this a bit more interactive! I really wanna know how you’ve been doing and although this is a blog post it does not mean we can’t talk so…

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You see, I do want to know how you are. I don’t always get comments on the posts although there are some people who comment religiously (shout out to you Glemz ❤ you dollface) and although I appreciate all of you who read my posts, I want us to get more interactive). You make this blog with me and you are every word I type and crazy though I have… it is you and me…and I thank you!

Sorry for the long intro but hey, it was how your girl was feeling and it had to be said!

With all the mayhem that is my life right now, I feel as though I have been neglecting my skin care.  If you check out some of my previous posts you will know that I am big on looking after skin. Now that I am in my 40s I have noticed that my face is a little drier than before and those dark circles, well they are still there. I have a general regime that I follow but I have been slacking so I will be setting myself a challenge and I want to challenge you too! There will be more on that on Wednesday this week so stay tuned!!

I recently visited LUSH handmade cosmetics for the first time. Yep, I normally just walk past the place but my homie Glemma dragged me inside and I thought I would give it a try! I picked up two products: LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL and OATFIX Fresh Face Mask! Both products Vegan 🌿 (so that’s a yes from me) and I am excited to give them a try and write an honest review on how my skin feels after using them! Will it be the Lush Life for me in the future? Can I get my skin back on track?

Let the Good Times Roll has popcorn (yep actual popped corn 🌽), maize flour, cinnamon and more!

Oatfix is for dry and sensitive skin with bananas and vanilla!


Those are the basics for now and more to come when I do a full review! My main concern is trying not to eat it, to be honest! I kid! or am I? Do you use Lush products? Tell me more!!!

Background on skincare: Dry skin type / Exfoliate 3 times a week / I use a serum along with day, night and eye creams /  I also go to Clarins at least once every 2 months for a facial! I am not loyal to any brands but do not use products tested on animals.

New On Location with The Beauty Holder out tomorrow! See what I got up to at The International Women’s Peace Group event for International Women’s Day and also The Glamour Beauty Festival! Your girl has been busy!

So I look forward to hearing about you! 😊

Besos! 💋

TBH! xoxo

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Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Mandisa!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Friday…Yay! That means it is time for another Beauty Is… feature. It has been a couple of months since my last one and the aim is to have one each month. This month I am excited to introduce to you Mandisa (you get beauty just from her name)! One of the great things about blogging is that you meet fellow bloggers with the same interests. Mandisa co-writes a blog, DivinelyRooted about natural hair. It is an honest mix of reviews, advice and life with natural hair. Want to find out more about this natural beauty… then read below!

Beautiful Mandisa

1: Do you wear makeup?!If so, when did you start?

-I do, I started at the ripe old age of 24 LOL

2: How would you describe your makeup style?

-Natural and nude.

3: What product can you not live without? (Skincare or makeup)

-I CAN NOT and WILL NOT live without mascara! It’s the easiest thing thing to do that can brighten up your whole face in like, 26 seconds! I keep buying new ones! I’m up to 6 now 🙊🙈

4: Breakdown your beauty regime?

-For an everyday look? I’m a teacher, so it’s very simple. I don’t have time to do too much. Usually it’s just mascara, because I’m always running late. If I want a beat face, I’ll go ahead and do foundation, highlight, contour, eyeshadow, and more!

5: Who is your Beauty Inspiration or icon?

-Rihanna! Her nude looks are to DIE for and I’m still trying to recreate them.

6: Makeup nightmare?

-Not blending my highlight! Yowza!

7: Any tips or secrets?

-To not get mascara everywhere, stick your finger over your eyelid as you apply.

8: In a sentence or two, explain what beauty truly means to you?!

-Beauty to me encompasses the whole person; body, soul, and mind.

Beautifully Beautiful Mandisa

Thank you so very much Mandisa for being beauty personified and taking part in this feature! Don’t forget you can find out more about Mandisa on her blog, Divinely Rooted.

We have a Lyrical Poet with a beautiful voice in next month’s feature. Don’t miss out. Want to be featured? Just email me or tweet me @thebeautyholder

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post!

Have an awesome Friday and weekend!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Pria!

Hey Loves!

Welcome to another Friday edition of Beauty Is… Apologies for my absence last week and most of this week. I was pretty under the weather and am finally getting that sparkle back. When you’re not well it gives you a little more thinking time and that is sometimes a good thing! More about that in another post!

Excited for this post as it features the very beautiful Pria! She is a very good friend of mine and radiates such true beauty from the inside out. So what is beauty to Pria? Read on to find out!


1: Do you wear makeup?! If so, when did you start?
— when I was 15 I started to wear foundation and eyeliner. Foundation mainly to cover up teenage spots.

2: How would you describe your makeup style?
— all about the eyes. Contoured eyeshadow, false long lashes and black eyeliner

3: What product can you not live without? (Skincare or makeup)
— mascara

4: Breakdown your beauty regime?
— mainly at night. Mini 5min facial pot by Eve Lom, also by them spot cream if needed on spot. Then very hydrating anti wrinkle face cream. Estée Lauder advanced repair serum. I also think I should use a good eye gel now too.
Morning, anti wrinkle moisturiser in morning under makeup

5: Who is your Beauty Inspiration or icon
— Priyanka Chopra

6: Makeup nightmare
— doing on others and it goes wrong

7: Any tips or secrets?
— you don’t need a brow palette, a good Matt eyeshadow is just as good

8: In a sentence or two, explain what beauty truly means to you?!
–beauty to me is from within that then comes out in a great smile! Everyone should smile, laugh and stay happy, make the best of any situation

Thank you Pria! I love how you share your ideal of beauty and that it is not what society says it should be! You are truly beautiful and I thank you for sharing it with us! And yes…get an eye cream! I’m sure we have had that discussion before lol!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Don’t forget that you can take part. Just get in touch if you’re interested. I will be publishing them on the last Friday of every month from now on!

Have an awesome weekend loves!

Besos! 💋

TBH! xoxo


Hot like Fire! My beauty favourites of 2013!

Hey Beautiful People!

I tried to do my favourites every month when I first started blogging. Needless to say that I didn’t really follow through. Don’t worry, I slapped my hand for you. I am going to make more of an effort to do so this year so here is my first attempt.

There were products that I absolutely adored and some that I liked and some that were ok and so on down the chain until we get to loathe- I try not to hate! Strangely enough, I did not buy loads of beauty products. Loads of them I already had and I tried to make use of them.

Breaking down my beauty (includes make-up and skin care) spend would probably look like this. Look away now honey! 🙂

Miscellaneous is for things like the giveaways etc.

So here are the products I loved the most. If you have seen my posts then you know I am about that drug store life. So don’t expect too many high end products!


In no particular order:

  1. Jordana Best Lash Mascara and Fabuliner. I get way too excited about these in my YouTube Videos. Such a cheap product but seriously way too good.
  2. NYX Lipglosses in Dolly Pink, Smokey Look and Tea Rose. They smell delicious and are gorgeous on the lips.
  3. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in every colour especially ‘As You Want Victoria’ and ‘Vintage Pink’
  4. Olay Quench with Shimmer. I am convinced I am from Twilight every time I use this. Great for dry skin as it really does quench and provide moisture where needed.
  5. Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance. Love this as a day and night cream. My skin loves this stuff.
  6. Ardell Accent Lashes. Enhances the eyes for a natural look. 305’s are a mix of natural and dramatic in one.
  7. Latex free cosmetic beauty sponges. Fell back in love with sponges again this year. Multi purpose!
  8. Armani Silk Foundation. Just like my skin but better.
  9. EOS Lip balms as they are super cute and long lasting.
  10. Make-Up Designory Foundation palettes. These are new and improved and are great for my kit. There are 2 palettes that cover mostly all tones and shades and can be mixed which gives me great matches. My brides have had a flawless beat with this product this year and I am impressed. A special mention on the AJ Crimson Foundations which I have a review coming on soon!
  11. MAC Eyeshadows– neutral tones mainly like Arena, Saddle, Brown Script and Bronze.
  12. MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Magnetic Appeal. Ladies! This highlight will give you life!
  13. INGLOT Mattifying Pressed Powder. This stuff is a oily skin nightmare. One of my best buys this year.
  14. MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette. Genius product!

The others that were not pictured:

  • Origins Charcoal Mask
  • Simple Make-up Remover wipes
  • Homemade Lemon Face Scrub
  • Clarins Eye Serum
  • Anastasia Brow Powder
  • Cover Girl Queen Collection Pressed Powder
  • Black Opal Stick Foundation
  • Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Revlon Lipgloss in Nude Lustre- discontinued but I got a couple to tide me over!

There are a couple extra special ones that will get the spotlight on their own, it is only right! Be on the look out for them.

What were you loving last year? Beauty or otherwise? Let me know. We can compare notes!

Hope you enjoyed this blog! I had fun looking back at some of the goodies I couldn’t get enough of last year.

Tomorrow: My US Beauty Haul so far!


TBH! xoxo

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All About Skin! 30 Day Water Challenge!

Whenever people ask me what they could do to improve the look or touch of their skin, I tell them to drink more water. I talk a lot about beauty from the inside out and want to get back to that. I have noticed that my face is looking dull and not as fresh as it was a couple of months ago. What have I been doing differently? Neglecting to drink water. So I am going to work on the 30 Day Water Challenge! 

What that means in essence is that I am going to consume at least 2 or 2.5 litres of water per day everyday starting from tomorrow for the next 30 days. I am going to take pictures of my face every day to see if I can see a noticeable difference. 30 days may not be enough to see a spectacular difference but I am hoping that it is. I am likely to continue this well past 30 days but wanted to give myself a starting point. When you fall off the water wagon it may take baby steps to get back on! 🙂

This is a personal challenge for me and one that is going to focus on my skin as a priority. I am almost at the end of the 6 week Charcoal Mask review that I am doing and this I hope will help. No matter how many products I put on the outside, the inside has to be part of the process. Replenishing my skin from within is something that I can no longer ignore.

Have you been drinking your 8 glasses per day? Why not take up the challenge with me and let me know how you get on!

Drink your water


Photo Credit: ( via Google Images)

Wish me luck!


TBH! xoxo

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Origins Clear Improvement: Active Charcoal Mask: Review in progress!

Hey Everyone,

I have been trying to better my make-up skills, hence all the looks you have seen me post in recent weeks. My skin is not used to it and so I wanted to do a little more to my normal skin care regime.

Origins are known for their natural organic skin care. Free of dyes, petroleum, parabins and animal ingredients. They also do not test products or ingredients on animals – which is an instant plus in my book. I have been a proud Vegetarian since January 2013 and have been looking at the products that do not test on animals or use their ingredients. I am not fully there yet but am learning and researching more everyday.

I purchased the mask last week on the recommendations of some friends and have tried it once. I using it once a week and will be giving it 6 weeks for my ‘Straight, no chaser review’. It is said to ‘draw out dirt’ from the pores and to clear minor blemishes.

Here is a quick pic of me trying the mask:

Applying the maskGrey face

Once the mask had dried!


Check out my Facebook page for a  little video… (covers eyes)!

First impressions?

  • Feels good on my skin
  • Did not seem to dry out my skin- although the mask dries tight and quick!

Typical, I forgot to take an after shot when I washed the mask off but will remember for week 2.

Don’t forget to check back in a couple weeks for a full review.

For more on Origins products, click here.

Hope you enjoyed this 99th post! So what will number 100 be? I cannot even believe I am up to post 100 already! Feeling quite emotional. It would not be the blog it is without your support. Thank you 100 gazillion times and so much more. Stay tuned!


TBH! xoxo


My skin care routine…

One of the questions I am asked the most is what I use on my skin. What is my skin care regime and how I look after it. How I look after my skin varies according to a couple of factors, such as time of year, how my skin is feeling and more. I didn’t have a regime until at least 2 years ago. Up until that point, I was using water, witch hazel and a body moisturiser. Oh how much I have learnt.

What I hope you will take away from this is the importance of a routine or process of skin care. Even if you have dry skin like I do, it doesn’t mean my regime will work for you. My advice would always be to speak to a specialist (i.e. dermatologist) or beautician. You can also check out some of my other skin care posts, such as Quick Skin Type Fixes, Male skin needs love too and Layering your skin care products.

If you know me well, you know that skin care is very important to me. Much more so than make-up. I love make-up but I maintain it is there to enhance the natural you. Yes, even if you have acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and more. I know that make-up affords some confidence at times but that confidence is within you, not in any make-up product. I hear alot of people refer to their skin as ‘good skin’ or ‘bad skin’. Yes, I have an opinion on that too. As long as you are looking after any skin conditions or issues then you are doing the best for you skin. That is what is important. What’s truly important is knowing your skin and treating it well.

You are likely to find me on a daily basis with no make-up (apart from filled in brows and lipgloss/ stick). I make sure I follow my regime religiously night and day. Even if I come home in the early hours of the morning after a shoot, I always make sure my skin is clean and moisturised.


This post will include my bare face- with some cheesy grins of course! They will not be pictures of me with full foundation claiming it is my skin.


  • Daily cleanse with Simple Moisturising Facial Wash or Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel (love this product! It is an oil, gel, and the milk). I do this in the shower.
  • I exfoliate at least 2 times a week with St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. I sometimes use porridge oats and moisturiser.
  • Simple Toner to ensure all products are removed from my skin and to balance and soothe the skin.
  • I talk alot about the darkness around my eyes. I use my homemade eye cream day and night and once a week (not pictured).I also use my Clarins Eye Contour Balm when I have it (at least every 4 months or so). I find my homemade cream is extremely hydrating.
  • Clarins Double Serum is my most expensive skin care product. It retails for £55 approx here in the UK. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and absolutely love it. I am finishing up a review on that for next week. I do have to co-sign on it though. It is amazing.
  • Moisturiser is also Clarins Multi Active Day.
  • Vaseline for the lips (not pictured). I do a sugar scrub for the lips at least every 2 weeks.

Skin care products


  • Simple Face wipes to clean my face of any product, dirt, oil eye make-up.
  • I use the face wash or cleansing gel as per point one above.
  • Eye cream.
  • Clarins Serum.
  • Night moisturiser and vaseline.

Important to note the following:

  1. I leave each a gap of at least 5-8 mins between products
  2. I use luke warm water- never hot. Sometimes I use cold water to refresh the skin and wake me up in the morning.
  3. With the serum I always squirt the product in my hands and rub together to activate rather than play connect the dots with it on my skin.
  4. I try and sleep on my back so as not to rub off the product with the pillow or pick up hidden dirt and oils from your pillow case.

Picture time!

All moisturised up after my regime, shining bright like a diamond (thanks Rihanna)!

All moisturised up...

How I leave my house…with brows and lips! Brows make a difference for sure.

brows and lips...

The top pic is inside the house and the other is a car pic in the daylight so the lighting differs. No camera tricks. My face is a little red in the top pic as I went through the whole regime in quick time for this picture- sorry! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post.

If you have any questions about starting a regime or skin care questions in general- get in touch. I’m very social, look…

Twitter: @thebeautyholder

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Until next time!

Big clean skin besos!