‘Blogmas’ day 3🎄: Small Business Christmas Ideas 2021 | Health and Fitness Edition

Hey Loves, I'm on a roll! Welcome to day 3 of 'Blogmas', where I am celebrating some of the small businesses/ brands/ concepts run by my homies. Why? Because they deserve the shout out and support. These posts are not sponsored and are just my very small way of signposting you to amazing people and … Continue reading ‘Blogmas’ day 3🎄: Small Business Christmas Ideas 2021 | Health and Fitness Edition

World Mental Health Day 🌎

Hey Loves, Today (October 10th) is World Mental Health Day, however, much like many events we observe, recognise, or celebrate shouldn't we take stock of our mental peace daily? That is so much easier said than done. With the demands and pressures of every day life: family, work, relationships, global pandemic, social injustice and so … Continue reading World Mental Health Day 🌎

How are YOU?

How are you love? Really?  I wanted to write you, write to you and ask how you are feeling during these different, challenging and unfamiliar times. How is your mental, physical and spiritual health? Are you being kind to yourself or being self-critical? How are your family and friends? Are you feeling more isolated and … Continue reading How are YOU?

Lush Life? 🤔

Hey Loves, How are you? How have you been doing? I wonder if you really answered that question or did you just read it in your mind and ignore it? Tell you what let's make this a bit more interactive! I really wanna know how you've been doing and although this is a blog post … Continue reading Lush Life? 🤔