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How are you? How have you been doing? I wonder if you really answered that question or did you just read it in your mind and ignore it? Tell you what let’s make this a bit more interactive! I really wanna know how you’ve been doing and although this is a blog post it does not mean we can’t talk so…

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You see, I do want to know how you are. I don’t always get comments on the posts although there are some people who comment religiously (shout out to you Glemz ❤ you dollface) and although I appreciate all of you who read my posts, I want us to get more interactive). You make this blog with me and you are every word I type and crazy though I have… it is you and me…and I thank you!

Sorry for the long intro but hey, it was how your girl was feeling and it had to be said!

With all the mayhem that is my life right now, I feel as though I have been neglecting my skin care.  If you check out some of my previous posts you will know that I am big on looking after skin. Now that I am in my 40s I have noticed that my face is a little drier than before and those dark circles, well they are still there. I have a general regime that I follow but I have been slacking so I will be setting myself a challenge and I want to challenge you too! There will be more on that on Wednesday this week so stay tuned!!

I recently visited LUSH handmade cosmetics for the first time. Yep, I normally just walk past the place but my homie Glemma dragged me inside and I thought I would give it a try! I picked up two products: LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL and OATFIX Fresh Face Mask! Both products Vegan 🌿 (so that’s a yes from me) and I am excited to give them a try and write an honest review on how my skin feels after using them! Will it be the Lush Life for me in the future? Can I get my skin back on track?

Let the Good Times Roll has popcorn (yep actual popped corn 🌽), maize flour, cinnamon and more!

Oatfix is for dry and sensitive skin with bananas and vanilla!


Those are the basics for now and more to come when I do a full review! My main concern is trying not to eat it, to be honest! I kid! or am I? Do you use Lush products? Tell me more!!!

Background on skincare: Dry skin type / Exfoliate 3 times a week / I use a serum along with day, night and eye creams /  I also go to Clarins at least once every 2 months for a facial! I am not loyal to any brands but do not use products tested on animals.

New On Location with The Beauty Holder out tomorrow! See what I got up to at The International Women’s Peace Group event for International Women’s Day and also The Glamour Beauty Festival! Your girl has been busy!

So I look forward to hearing about you! 😊

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Straight…No Chaser! Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette Review! 📝

Hey Loves!

Hope you’re all doing awesome! A big hello to any new readers/ followers to my blog! Thanks for popping by! It’s great to have you here and I hope you decide to stay a while!

I have some great reviews coming up for you in the next couple of weeks/ months. If you are new, you can find two different reviews on my blog. Straight…No Chaser! is a more in-depth review of a product. Everything from price, packaging to the product itself. Loves and Loathes are the basic, need to know info of a product I either, love or loathe. Just before Christmas I was in Boots (UK Drugstore) and noticed this Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette. I thought to myself I had to give it a try! Was it the right decision? Read below to find out!

Sleek Highlighting Palette Front Sleek Highlighting Palette (back)

Before I begin, I know I say this in every review and in all types of ways but all opinions are my own. I have not been paid or endorsed to write about this product. If a product is sent to me for review, I will always let you know and it will still ALWAYS be MY HONEST OPINION! So without the drumroll, Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals.

What I like about Sleek!

Quite simply, they make quality, affordable makeup. They have a great range of products from fair skin to brown. Gorgeously pigmented eyeshadows and lipsticks that I obsessed over with every shade. They cover everything from brows to foundation with even more in between. They were one of the first drugstore ranges that I knew about that catered to black women. Some products of theirs I have been hit and miss with such as the foundations but all in all as a brand…I like them! Did I like this product? Read on to find out!

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 5/5

There is no way I could give this any other score. The price point is amazing. You get 4 highlighting powders for different areas of your face for £10.00. For just one highlighting powder you can pay that price or more so the fact you get a palette and a mini brush means this is an option if you don’t have bank to buy some of the more popular celebrity endorsed ones.

Packaging: 4/5

Palette comes in a box with a pic of the product on front with Sleek’s logo etc. On the back it has directions for use as well as the ingredients. The palette itself comes in a toughened plastic grey mirrored type case (gotta love my descriptions lool). Inside has the 4 (four) shades as well as a mirror and brush. Names of the shades on a plastic sheet inside. It does feel a little cheap and I personally wish the logo wasn’t so large on the front but hey ho… it’s no big deal. Small and compact for your purse or makeup bag. Beats having to carry a couple different products around all for the sole purpose of highlighting.

Sleek palette Back Sleek palettewith name insertwithout insert

Product:  3.25/5

There are 3 creamy shades and one powder. I warn you now, it has shimmer and shine and a lot of it. I love the powder but the creamier shades are a tad bright for my skin if not fully blended in. Platinum (the iridescent white shade) is for the brow bone and to be honest, I would use one of the other shades such as Renaissance Gold there. With such a creamy formula it feels like I could be shining brighter than a diamond and not necessarily in a good way. Royal Gold on my nose just looked like a stripe of glitter down my nose and I was not feeling that. I would happily use them a eye shadow bases. Important to note when taking pictures that flashback is present. It doesn’t have a lot of staying power and can smudge easily as so creamy. On a whole I don’t mind this product. For my fairer clients and even medium to olive tone it is certainly workable. For myself and my tone I would have to use it in conjunction with other products so the score reflects that. At the moment this is the only shade the highlighting palette comes in and I am hoping that they will be bringing out more. I am not writing it off and am gonna play with it a little more and see how it goes.

IMG_6566 IMG_6567

I know that highlighting is very popular. What should be noted though is that it goes hand in hand with contouring. One does not have the same effect without the other. I applaud Sleek for putting together a multipurpose product. It is something that is affordable and to be honest will be suitable for many. Pigments are strong and if you want your highlight to be seen then I am sure this is something that may be up your street. It says that it compliments all skin tones. I can’t say that I agree with that especially if I use it exactly the way they said to. But one of the joys of being a Make-up Artist is being creative and I will certainly use this palette…just not exclusively for highlighting.

Have you got this palette? What do you think? Have you been looking for a highlighting palette or product? Do you highlight? Let me know! For more about Sleek, just type the name into your search engine.

Hope you enjoyed this review. Don’t forget you can let me know if there is anything you want to know more about or anything you wanna know in general that is beauty, skin or hair related, men that includes you!

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Don’t forget a new instalment of Beauty Is comes out on Friday! As well as a little fashion on the weekend!

Lots of sparkly kisses until next time!

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Loves and Loathes! The Original BeautyBlender!

Hey Everyone!

You ready for another instalment of my super short (yet always honest) reviews? Loves and Loathes were extremely popular last year, Thank you! I am so glad that you enjoyed them and hope they continue to be useful. So what are we talking about this week? In short a pink (although they come in different colours now, but they started out as pink) egg shaped latex beauty sponge that claims to modernise the way you makeup! Read on to find out if I LOVE or LOATHE

The Original Beauty Blender

The Original Beauty Blender

Cheat Sheet! The beauty sponge of most Make-up Artists. The apparent Holy Grail of beauty sponges that seem to have left the old white wedge sponge looking for a way to get a little love and attention. If the opening credit of the brand’s website is to be believed, this product will have you looking like a movie star without the pricey services of a major make up artist. Not saying I am major (yet 😄) but that’s a major claim! Yes, it was created by a Make-up Artist. This sponge- yes, let’s call it what it is, is all about giving a seamless application. A no edge sponge created specifically to give you every advantage at creating a streak free makeup look. It has become so popular that it now comes in different sizes and colours as mentioned above. You know what they say about imitation and flattery so know there are dupes and copies of this products practically everywhere you look.

Verdict! LOVE… But not in love!

Collective gasps heard around the world! It is an amazing product, I will not deny that but I don’t always reach for it on myself or in my kit. I love that the shape makes it easy to reach hard to reach areas such as under the eyes. I love that when used damp (best way to use it) and bounced into the skin it can give you a softer finish. I very much appreciate that it is latex free and if you want you can send if off Stateside to be recycled. In the UK it costs around £14/15 approx. You can clean it with warm soapy water but after a while some of those stains set in if not washed soon after use, especially with liquid foundation. You can, however, purchase the same brand cleanser. It can be a little tricky to work with powders but again when damp and once you get the hang of it, it’s great. It is soft, durable, comes with a little leaflet on how to use and you gotta admit the colour is appealing. Unless you hate pink. There is black, purple, green and so on.

It hasn’t fully convinced me to stop using brushes or my hands. In fact I still make sure those old triangular sponges get some love too but all in all, I reach for my beauty blender on a regular basis! It is a good  investment and seems to last longer than most of the competitors.
The Original Beauty Blender on the side     unpackaged and with instructions

Beauty Holder Beauty Tips!

  • Always use it damp. Wring out most of the water in the sponge before using.
  • Apply a little product to the sponge at a time.
  • Bounce and roll or stipple with the blender- just be gentle! It’s your friend!
  • Wash thoroughly after use to avoid staining, germs, infection and all that great stuff!

Do you have the beauty blender? If so, what do you think? Would you buy it or a dupe? Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you!

Hope you enjoyed this mini review. If there is something you would like me to review then get in touch!

New blog feature out this Friday called ‘Beauty Is… check back then to find out more!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


A Smashbox Full Exposure 📷 Palette Look!

Hey Everyone,

In yesterday’s post the focus was on gem detailing for a fun and simple Carnival inspired look. I did not want to do too much in terms of eye shadows and opted for a very neutral eye look. A look that you can rock should you dance all the gem stones you applied off. In fact with a little touch up you where needed you can wear this look anywhere.

I will be doing a full review on the above palette but can tell you that it is made up of 7 shimmer shades as well as 7 matte ones all in neutral tones that will have you mixing it up to create anything from a light wash of colour to a smokey eye in minutes. For your added pleasure you also get a dual ended shadow and blending brush as well as a sample size Full Exposure Mascara. Another cute touch is the booklet that comes with it that gives you different looks you can create with the palette for your specific eye shape. Super cute! I am all for freebies so good on you Smashbox. This was the first time I used it since purchasing it so look out for the review soon.

Full Exposure              Coral lip loving full exposure look

I have been obsessed beyond the point of return with the Barry M Loud Mouth Extreme Colour in Screamer and so I am wearing it again. Something about Coral shades have me kinda gaga at the moment. It looks kinda pink in this pic so I will have to give it a dedicated post on the weekend. As much as I love my pink shades it is refreshing to go for something out of my comfort zone and I encourage  you to do the same. I get a couple of  comments referring to bold colours not being for my chocolate caramel skin tone and I think, really? I would wear a coral coloured top or dress so why not rock it on my lips. Bobby Brown said it’s My Prerogative and he was not lying!

Here is a little close up of the palette- enjoy!

Close up Booklet

I gotta tell you it feels good to be back on the blog again. A little weird but good weird as it has been so long and I missed you all. Don’t forget to let me know if you have any looks or anything beauty, skin or make-up related!

Gotta an update (part 2) coming up over the weekend and a look with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette- which smells like chocolate. This should be interesting!

Thanks for checking out this post!

Have a great day/ evening/ night wherever you are reading this!


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Straight…No Chaser! Mary Kay Skin Care Review!

Hey Everyone!

I sometimes am reluctant to do product reviews because I don’t want people to rush out and purchase (or not) items based on what I say. A lipstick, fine but skin care products are a different ball game. I receive some very lovely comments and emails from people asking what I use on my skin so that they can go and purchase it. Whilst the compliments are very very kind indeed and make this old lady feel warm inside, I always advise (basically give a speech) about not rushing to purchase something that I use and expecting the same results.

All of my reviews come with pretty much the same disclaimer. They are always my honest humble opinion. I am not paid to make these reviews. Products have been purchased with my own money. Whilst I love that you enjoy what I review I also want you to know that I do not want you to spend money unnecessarily. I do not want you to spend money on products that you have not done your research on first.

I have been shouting from the roof tops about my newly ‘natural’ hair experience. I have watched countless YouTube videos on hair, read blogs and articles on products and if I went out and bought all the recommended products I would be broke and homeless no doubt as I would have no money for anything else. I say all of this to simply say do your research. My information can form part of that research but what works or does not work for me may be a different story all together for you!

Looking in the mirror lately I feel like my age. I am in my late 30’s and feel it. I absolutely know I have not looked after my skin the way I should have from a young age. It has really only been since I got into Make-up and beauty that I have paid a little more attention to my skin and have vowed to do better ever since. Sorry for going on. Let me just get to it!

I consider my age, skin type, work environment/ job, time, benefits when looking for products for my skin. A friend from High School contacted me a couple of months back about trying Mary Kay. She had recently become a rep for the brand and wanted to tell me all about it. It worked out well as I was due to visit America for the holiday season. After a few mishaps we met up and I purchased a skin care set.

What I like about Mary Kay!

Like Avon, Mary Kay was one of those products I associated with my Mom. Sometimes I wish I paid attention to the regime she used because she is a beautiful woman who looks as good now as she did when she was my age. They have been around for more than 50 years and they have worked hard to cater to women of all ages and races. They are a global brand that has evolved with time but kept the same promise throughout to help women be all they can be and achieve their dreams.

Mary Kay Skincare

The time wise line is supposed to be a ‘miracle set’ with ‘age-fighting benefits’. I remember reading that they had revamped their skin care lines and although a tad apprehensive, I was excited somewhat also. The kit I purchased came with a time wise, 3 in 1 cleanser, day solution, night solution and moisturiser.

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 4.5/5

For the 4 (four) full sized items above, I paid about $90 which at the time was about approx £70. A little goes along way and I have barely made a dent in them despite using the products since the beginning of the year on a daily basis. I would say it is value for money. Mary Kay is not available in stores as far as I know and is online or via beauty consultants so there is a direct cost saving in that alone.

Packaging: 4/5

The glass bottles that the day and night solution come in affected the score. Glass bottles with pumps that you can twist and lock. I don’t like glass bottles. When they are in my travel bag I can hear them clunking about. The day solution bottle is not clear and so you cannot see how much you have used or may be wasting as it is inevitable that some of it will waste. The cleanser and moisturiser are the largest sizes at 4.5oz and 3 fl oz respectively. They come in a soft pink shimmer plastic squeeze tube with the Mary Kay logo along the side. The day and night solutions are 1 fl oz each. I guess the greedy side of me thinks I should be getting more but you really only need about 1 or 1.5 pumps of each. I can see the way they draw you in with the night solution bottle as that is clear so you can see the multi coloured solution beads. You know that instantly has your mind thinking it is good for you.

They came in a see through bag with a booklet and each were individually packaged in a box with the same design and signature logo.

mary kay packaging

Product: 4.25/ 5

When my friend came over to show me the products I was able to try them out. It was great at the time but being able to use them for the past 7-8 weeks has made it more realistic to see how my skin feels about them. I don’t know if I have seen the full benefits yet. My skin does not seem to like the cleanser and I find it drying but the other products I like. There is no funny smell or residue and they do not appear harsh for my dry skin. They are pretty lightweight- especially the solutions and it feels like there is nothing on my face at all.

The day solution has a SPF35 factor which provides serious protection against sun damage. With the moisturiser it then feels a little heavier on my skin and you can maybe take this as double protection. I don’t like the greasy feeling it leaves me with after about 30 mins but once fully absorbed into the skin it doesn’t look or feel as bad. I have noticed some shine throughout the day where I normally do not have any but again it could be this transition to the products that is taking a little longer than normal.

According to Mary Kay, Timewise has 11 age-defying benefits such as energising, renewing and smoothing the skin. It does make my face look refreshed but I cannot say I can check all 11 benefits off yet. They do say that the benefits are of course at maximum potential when used together.

I cannot believe I am actually saying this being the selfie queen that I am. I do not have any comparison photos to show you my skin before I started with it. I do have one of me now. I will say this is not just as a result of the Mary Kay as I also exfoliate, use my clay mask and so on and so forth 🙂 I had already started on the brows when I remembered to take this pic. Don’t judge me!

simply me

So after all of that. Would I purchase Mary Kay again? Yes I would. I would certainly go for the night solution and possibly moisturiser out of the set above . I am pleased with what I have seen so far and am going to really empty these products to do them full justice and ensure it is money well spent. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Thank you to my friend Jodi for introducing me to Mary Kay. If you would like to find out more, check out the Mary Kay website. If you are in the Florida area and would like Jodi’s details please let me know.

Have you tried Mary Kay? Would you if you haven’t already? What are your thoughts on Mary Kay?

Coming up! Something for the Men and some makeup looks (it has been a while)!

Have a great day!


TBH! xoxo


Loves and Loathes! Benefit Brow-Zing!

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my super short reviews! Short! Honest and holding nothing back on a product I either LOVE or LOATHE!

Giving it to you straight off the cuff… this product according to the company website is the number one brow product in the UK!

This week! Benefit Brow- Zing!

Cheat Sheet! Benefit Brow-Zing in dark is a ‘do it all brow kit’ that comes with a pigmented wax, powder, teeny weeny tweezers and 2 diddy brushes to apply the wax and powder to create the perfect brow. I am a brow junkie and if nothing else, I want a product that gives me brows as I truly do not have much. I find the wax drying and the powder way too dark and does not appear natural at all- even with a light hand! It comes in only 3 shades and costs £23.50 which when you see what you get is the only decent thing about it. The wax did not do much in the way of keeping the powder in place and my eyelure pencil that costs a quarter of the price does a much better job.

Verdict! Loathe! Disappointed doesn’t even cover it and I would so go and get my money back if I had not used it more than once to make sure I gave it a fair trial. If you go by the accolades this product won in 2012 then I would be in the minority, that, however, was over a year ago now and I would be interested to see if this is still a ‘must have’. This product does not benefit my kit in the least and needless to say I would rather go without brows that use this again! A lot less zing than I had hoped!

Sleek do a brow kit that looks very similar and costs half the price. Do you have that kit? Do you love the Benefit one? What do you think of this product? Do you Love or Loathe it? Let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts!


Tomorrow! Mary Kay Skin Care Review!


TBH! xoxo





My Blog in Review! 2013 on rewind!

Just a couple of days before the end of the year, WordPress send a little summary report entitled ‘Your 2013 year in blogging’. It crunches numbers and pulls together some stats such as number of views and most popular posts and stuff like that.

This is my second year blogging and I am excited for the growth and potential for my blog. I know I have it in me! It was a great year and here is a little snippet of some of the antics me and this blog of mine got up to!

  • My blog was viewed over 20,000 times in 2013
  • I published 81 new blogs
  • Charli Jepson is a popular lady! My interview with her was viewed 260 times in one day! Thanks Charli!
  • Over 144 countries viewed posts! As far and wide as Norway to New Zealand!
  • Reviews and Make-up looks were very popular

In my quest for World Domination, I also:

  • Started a YouTube Channel– eek!
  • I have recorded and posted 5 videos to said YouTube channel since I launched in September!
  • Created a FaceBook page for my make-up and behind the scenes antics.
  • I beat (made- up) over 70 faces- not including my own!
  • Did just over 50 photoshoots
  • 5 weddings and 7 events!
  • Working on 2 major advertising campaigns. One for Ceris Hair and another for Chateau D’Ore Designs
  • Images published with a couple magazines with my partner in crime- Fabian Jones (Fab Pix)/ Also with a French Magazine
  • Hosted 2 giveaways
  • Worked overseas in New York as a MUA for the first time!

Just to name a few!

Not bad for a part time Make-Up Artist!

2013 was very good to me. My sleeves are rolled up and I am long jumping straight into 2014! I’m ready for you!

All of this would not be possible without the love, support and encouragement I receive on a daily basis so I am truly blessed and thankful!

It wouldn’t be right to not include some of the ‘selfie’ shots that I have loved so much this year. So here you go!

Selfie 2Selfie 1

Selfie 3Selfie 4

Selfie 5

Deuces 2013! Welcome 2014!


TBH! xoxo