Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Mandisa!

Hey Everyone! It's Friday…Yay! That means it is time for another Beauty Is… feature. It has been a couple of months since my last one and the aim is to have one each month. This month I am excited to introduce to you Mandisa (you get beauty just from her name)! One of the great … Continue reading Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Mandisa!

Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Pria!

Hey Loves! Welcome to another Friday edition of Beauty Is… Apologies for my absence last week and most of this week. I was pretty under the weather and am finally getting that sparkle back. When you're not well it gives you a little more thinking time and that is sometimes a good thing! More about … Continue reading Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Pria!

Big Chop! Newly Natural Hair!

Hey Everyone! So I've been talking about going natural for some time now! I have been transitioning fully for 10 months (period of no relaxer) and I have now done the big chop! There is so much I wanna say about this big change but the main thing is that I am glad I did … Continue reading Big Chop! Newly Natural Hair!

Making Over a Make-up Artist! Eek!

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are well and wonderful! Quick post on a makeover I did over the weekend! Making over friends can be tricky. Even more so when your friend is a fellow Make-up Artist. I sometimes wonder who is the most nervous! The nervousness comes not from lack of confidence in skill and … Continue reading Making Over a Make-up Artist! Eek!

Summertime Fine…

Sun is shining but then so is your face! No bueno! Ice cream is trickling down your cone and your foundation is sliding down your face! Not a good look! How do you make your make-up stay put even in this heat? Read on for my tips to stay summertime fine! Use a primer or … Continue reading Summertime Fine…