My skincare​ basics 2017!

Hey Loves,Starting this week off with purpose. I woke up refreshed and happy with a new spirit to attack the week. My workload is full to capacity for a number of reasons but I'm blessed and my brows are cooperating today so hey 👌🏾If you follow my Instagram and FaceBook socials then you will know … Continue reading My skincare​ basics 2017!

Sweater Weather!☔️⛈❄️

Hey Loves, Hope you're enjoying hump day and having a great week in general! Everyone has been commenting on what a mild winter we are having here in the UK. Where I am based in London, we have had some cool conditions but nothing like the snow storms in the US or other parts of … Continue reading Sweater Weather!☔️⛈❄️

Straight…No Chaser! Mary Kay Skin Care Review!

Hey Everyone! I sometimes am reluctant to do product reviews because I don't want people to rush out and purchase (or not) items based on what I say. A lipstick, fine but skin care products are a different ball game. I receive some very lovely comments and emails from people asking what I use on … Continue reading Straight…No Chaser! Mary Kay Skin Care Review!

All About Skin! 30 Day Water Challenge!

Whenever people ask me what they could do to improve the look or touch of their skin, I tell them to drink more water. I talk a lot about beauty from the inside out and want to get back to that. I have noticed that my face is looking dull and not as fresh as … Continue reading All About Skin! 30 Day Water Challenge!

Making Over a Make-up Artist! Eek!

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are well and wonderful! Quick post on a makeover I did over the weekend! Making over friends can be tricky. Even more so when your friend is a fellow Make-up Artist. I sometimes wonder who is the most nervous! The nervousness comes not from lack of confidence in skill and … Continue reading Making Over a Make-up Artist! Eek!

Tips for Acne Prone Skin…

I told you in my last post, how Acne affects 80% of 11 to 30 year olds. It does not simply leave physical scars but emotional ones that are harder to heal. Here are some Beauty Holder Beauty Tips especially for you. I warn you now. They include positivity!! CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE! I say this alot … Continue reading Tips for Acne Prone Skin…

It’s getting Hot in Here… Male Summer Skin Tips!

Hey guys! Hey to all my ladies who are checking this out too! It has been a while since I blogged specifically for you and I am back. Thanks for sticking with me! My last post was for all the lovely ladies out there and how to stay fine in the summertime. Now it is … Continue reading It’s getting Hot in Here… Male Summer Skin Tips!

My skin care routine…

One of the questions I am asked the most is what I use on my skin. What is my skin care regime and how I look after it. How I look after my skin varies according to a couple of factors, such as time of year, how my skin is feeling and more. I didn't … Continue reading My skin care routine…