Origins Clear Improvement: Active Charcoal Mask: Review in progress!

Hey Everyone,

I have been trying to better my make-up skills, hence all the looks you have seen me post in recent weeks. My skin is not used to it and so I wanted to do a little more to my normal skin care regime.

Origins are known for their natural organic skin care. Free of dyes, petroleum, parabins and animal ingredients. They also do not test products or ingredients on animals – which is an instant plus in my book. I have been a proud Vegetarian since January 2013 and have been looking at the products that do not test on animals or use their ingredients. I am not fully there yet but am learning and researching more everyday.

I purchased the mask last week on the recommendations of some friends and have tried it once. I using it once a week and will be giving it 6 weeks for my ‘Straight, no chaser review’. It is said to ‘draw out dirt’ from the pores and to clear minor blemishes.

Here is a quick pic of me trying the mask:

Applying the maskGrey face

Once the mask had dried!


Check out my Facebook page for a Ā little video… (covers eyes)!

First impressions?

  • Feels good on my skin
  • Did not seem to dry out my skin- although the mask dries tight and quick!

Typical, I forgot to take an after shot when I washed the mask off but will remember for week 2.

Don’t forget to check back in a couple weeks for a full review.

For more on Origins products, click here.

Hope you enjoyed this 99th post! So what will number 100 be? I cannot even believe I am up to post 100 already! Feeling quite emotional. It would not be the blog it is without your support. Thank you 100 gazillion times and so much more. Stay tuned!


TBH! xoxo


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