💋LA Girl Lip Paint…(in pictures)!💋

Hey Loves, Although we know I do not need anymore lip products I couldn't resist these. I have had them for about 6 months and have just taken them out of the packaging in time for Spring/ Summer. To be fair they will look gorgeous any season. Swatches  and make-up look to follow but wanted … Continue reading 💋LA Girl Lip Paint…(in pictures)!💋

Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Mandisa!

Hey Everyone! It's Friday…Yay! That means it is time for another Beauty Is… feature. It has been a couple of months since my last one and the aim is to have one each month. This month I am excited to introduce to you Mandisa (you get beauty just from her name)! One of the great … Continue reading Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Mandisa!

Purple Wings! Makeup of the Night! 💜

Hey Everyone, A super quick look at last night's makeup! I wanted to try out my new Sleek Highlighting Palette and decided to rock some of their other products too! The full look is not all Sleek. I will have a review coming up tomorrow on the highlighting  palette so don't forget to check back … Continue reading Purple Wings! Makeup of the Night! 💜

New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x Simple💫

Hey Everyone! I have not blogged as much this year as I did last year but sometimes the work needs to happen in silence! I didn't want to see the year out without giving a couple of New Year make-up options. My annual Year in Review blog will be out this weekend so look out … Continue reading New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x Simple💫

Spring Lips! 💋

Hey Everyone! Being the self-confessed lipstick junkie that I am does not mean that I run out and buy lipstick every season. I am learning to show a little restraint in lip product purchases seeing as I don't think I will be able to wear all the ones I have within the next 2 years! … Continue reading Spring Lips! 💋

NYX Butter Lipstick!

Hey Everyone!I am a straight sucker for lipstick and these new joints from NYX are seriously feeding the addiction. When Revlon launched their lip butters I practically bought out the whole drugstore. The colour payoff on some of them was disappointing ,however, NYX's Butter Lipsticks do not have that issue. Just look at the swatches … Continue reading NYX Butter Lipstick!

Pout Along! Sleek Pout Paint!

Hey Everyone! Had a couple of friends here in the UK tell me they could not get their hands on the OCC Lip Tars! So here is an affordable dupe! Sleek Pout Paint. Just like the lip tars a little goes a very long way. Available at Superdrug (where I got mine) the colour payoff … Continue reading Pout Along! Sleek Pout Paint!

You’ve Been Duped…

Well not exactly...Some of my fave products have been duped, just for you! I know how frustrating it can be to fall in love with a product only to find it discontinued the following week. Maybe it was a 'limited edition', present or you cant afford it! Maybe you want something that is similar but … Continue reading You’ve Been Duped…

Intervention needed! Lipstick junkie challenge!

I like lipstick! I like it a lot! I like it more than a lot! I also have a thing for pink lipstick. The brighter...the better! I am therefore staging my own intervention! Yes! I am doing this for my own good! For the whole month of December (which is also my birthday month) I … Continue reading Intervention needed! Lipstick junkie challenge!