Makeup Monday: Summer Lips! β˜€πŸ’‹

Hey Loves, Summer is officially here and has been for a minute! In between the heat waves and thunderstorms I hope that you all are enjoying the seasonal change where you are. Haven't posted a makeup look in a while. I've mentioned before that I don't wear makeup on a daily basis. If anything it … Continue reading Makeup Monday: Summer Lips! β˜€πŸ’‹

#CopMyCloset πŸ‘’πŸ‘“ : All Black Everything!

Hey Loves! Hope you are all keeping well as we coast into the Spring season. I am back with another instalment of the above. A sneak peek into my own little fashion world and style. Ok, so I know most Makeup Artists wear black on assignment. Why? Maybe because it seems to give off a … Continue reading #CopMyCloset πŸ‘’πŸ‘“ : All Black Everything!

Beauty Is… ❀ featuring Pria!

Hey Loves! Welcome to another Friday edition of Beauty Is… Apologies for my absence last week and most of this week. I was pretty under the weather and am finally getting that sparkle back. When you're not well it gives you a little more thinking time and that is sometimes a good thing! More about … Continue reading Beauty Is… ❀ featuring Pria!

Purple Wings! Makeup of the Night! πŸ’œ

Hey Everyone, A super quick look at last night's makeup! I wanted to try out my new Sleek Highlighting Palette and decided to rock some of their other products too! The full look is not all Sleek. I will have a review coming up tomorrow on the highlighting Β palette so don't forget to check back … Continue reading Purple Wings! Makeup of the Night! πŸ’œ

New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x SimpleπŸ’«

Hey Everyone! I have not blogged as much this year as I did last year but sometimes the work needs to happen in silence! I didn't want to see the year out without giving a couple of New Year make-up options. My annual Year in Review blog will be out this weekend so look out … Continue reading New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x SimpleπŸ’«

πŸŽ† Diwali Makeup 2014! πŸŽ†

Hey Everyone, Diwali, Festival of Lights, was last week Thursday. It celebrates the start of the New Year for Hindu's the world over. For more information, check out my post from last year, here. This year, I opted for a very subtle look. I haven't been able to wear much eye make-up recently as my … Continue reading πŸŽ† Diwali Makeup 2014! πŸŽ†

DIY Easy Carnival Look!

Hey Everyone, Somewhere in the world it is Carnival season. Whether you're in Barbados playing mass at Crop Over or preparing for Notting Hill's Carnival here in the UK I am gonna share a fun a simple look that is super easy to achieve and pump up your carnival look. You can also rock this … Continue reading DIY Easy Carnival Look!

NYX Butter Lipstick!

Hey Everyone!I am a straight sucker for lipstick and these new joints from NYX are seriously feeding the addiction. When Revlon launched their lip butters I practically bought out the whole drugstore. The colour payoff on some of them was disappointing ,however, NYX's Butter Lipsticks do not have that issue. Just look at the swatches … Continue reading NYX Butter Lipstick!

Easiest Make-up Tutorial…EVER!

Hey guys! I know, pretty bold claim but sometimes you gotta stand tall and tell all who will listen. Here is my first make-up tutorial on a requested everyday look! Hope you enjoy! Besos! TBH! xoxo Coming up next: My Random tag blog!

Matchy, Matchy Make-up! Turquoise and Grey look

Matching my shoes and my bag is really where I draw the line. I may throw my belt in there also for good measure. Matching my make-up, however, is a different story. I always love the term 'matchy, matchy'. If you watched the reality show The Hills- you will know where it came from. Honestly, … Continue reading Matchy, Matchy Make-up! Turquoise and Grey look