Fenty Beauty… Part 2 (What I got)!

Hey Loves,

Ayyyyy, you wanted Fenty Beauty right? So back to back with the posts! Check out part 1 here. As I mentioned in the first part this is not my typical review as I really want to wear these products and test the heck out of them! That is gonna be a struggle on the real as we know I don’t wear makeup on the regular but I am gonna make a conscious effort for the sake of giving this review my all!

With 40 shades to select from I feel like RiRi was doing an Oprah, ‘You get a foundation, you get a foundation, you get a foundation‘.😂 I am not mad at that for the reasons I spoke about in part 1. I have dry skin and although it was kissed by the sun in Florida over the summer, it is dry on a daily basis. This foundation is a matte formula so I was a little skeptical at first. Contrary to popular belief I did not go out and purchase the full range. I am not a big highlight and contour lover (and have more than I need) so my haul was tame in comparison to others I have seen.


I ordered direct from Fenty Beauty on the day of release with no issue. Yes, I could have gone to Harvey Nichols here in the UK or ordered from them but we know I am extra and hey… I go hard for this blog (and so does my purse 😫). Here is what I bought:

  1. | 3 x Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 390, 430 and 440 – $34 each/ £26 
  2. | 1 x Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow (the only lip product released) $18/ £16

I did not purchase the primer or any of the highlight and contour match stix, tools or the rest at this stage as I wanted the scoop on the foundations. There was major noise about the foundations but also the ‘Trophy Wife’ highlight which is not for the fainthearted!


Image source: Google


Trophy Wife Killawatt Highlighter (Image: Fenty Beauty)

I appreciate that when ordering products online it is not always easy to gauge your perfect match. They have a great shade selector on all sites where Fenty Beauty is sold which shows you a swatch and how it looks on a model. It can still be a little tricky if you don’t understand undertones and are unsure if you are warm, cool, neutral or more yellow or pink undertoned. Some reviews I have seen show people have found one shade works perfectly and others still have to mix and match. The general consensus seems that most have found one shade that they love and it feels like a dream on the skin. For me, a foundation is a mix of the look and feel. My face is a mix of pigments that are light in places and dark in others.

When I swatched the products on my face (I always prefer to swatch on my face, chest or neck) as opposed to my hand they gave me different feels. I could get away with 390 when I am not as tanned as I am now or use it currently as a concealer to brighten. Both 430 and 440 work with my warmness at the moment but may become too dark in the winter months as my tan fades.

I am going to try a couple more shades as my tone regulates to the colder weather and that feature will provide a full review with regards to price point, packaging and product. What I will say at the moment is this:

  • Lip gloss smells like a dream and is glossy but not hair stick to your lips sticky! Not crazy pigmented though.
  • Foundation is matte but not extremely drying- it does, however, dry quick on application so work fast. Skin needs to be properly moisturised.
  • The finish of the foundation is beautiful and satin like.

Hope this post gives you a taste of Fenty Beauty. There are crazy reviews on YouTube and blogs everywhere that can give you more until I do a full review and you know your girl got you… just stay tuned!

Until next time when I am back with a skincare post stay blessed! Don’t forget you can find me on all the socials under the same name ‘THE BEAUTY HOLDER’ your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated so get at your girl!

Thanks for the love!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


3 responses to “Fenty Beauty… Part 2 (What I got)!”

  1. I have really dry skin and so when I went to get this the girl at Sephora was like honestly this is catered to oily skin not even normal skin and especially not dry so I didn’t get it ! I got the new peach foundation by too faced ….but now I’m thinking maybe I should’ve got it??

    1. I would try it Hun as it isn’t that drying but there are varying levels to dry skin and of course the weather and everything else does not help. I would see if you can get a sample and use a really nourishing and hydrating moisturiser underneath. I didn’t do the primer! xoxo

  2. […] Of all the products she released the foundation was my favourite. It was not about masking the skin and making me look like a whole other unrecognisable person but instead subtly enhancing the skin I am in, freckles and all! For more on Fenty Beauty, check this out! […]

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