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Hey Loves!

Hope you all are full of love and happiness in abundance… and then some! How are you? How are things? Let me know what’s good with ya! 🙂

So, let’s be honest! The ‘distressed’ look (clothes with holes, rips, and bleach as a starter) has been around forever. I know dear old Kanye West likes to think he is the inventor of all things but we know better! The idea of rocking worn out clothes or ones that look like they have been in a fight, with a bear, is not a new concept for real. That is the thing with ‘trends’ they just keep on coming back round and round! My 80’s babies know what I mean. If FAME (I wanna live forever) was life, then you had off the shoulder shirts and leggings with holes and the whole shebang. I love the revival of it all but I don’t love the extortionate prices some stores are charging to get the look. Why pay when you can do it yourself.

What is even better is that when you distress your own clothes you can:

  • create your own unique pieces
  • upstyle (see what I did there) some of those items in your wardrobe that have not seen the light of day for a while
  • you DO NOT need to be a seamstress…I am no professional!
  • save some money

This look is for anyone and there is no age limit on fashion as I say. I am not sure my Daddy would approve of me walking around with holes in my leggings! So raid your closet, your Daddy’s, Momma’s, Boyfriend, Girlfriend or WHOEVER! It is time to get totally distressed out! Below I have used 5 pieces from my wardrobe that I no longer wear. I have not taken the time to be neat or precise and have only used scissors or my hands! So let’s get ripping!!!!!

Sorry the colour is slightly off due to the lighting and flash.


Either fold in half or down the middle invisible seam line and then cut lines as wide as you want. I skipped the knee on one pair and only did my calf and thigh area and then went all the way down on the other! Simples!


The cold shoulder is the rage so just cut around the collar all the way to the back tag so you can have the choker effect which is also big in the game right now. Two looks in one! Boom! Boom! Shake! Shake the room!

picture_20170208_201328153      picture_20170208_201608247

You can also take an old hoodie and just cut the hood off for the ultimate nod to the 80’s style icons…think Flashdance (if you don’t know these movies…google them, please)!


Whether you want small detail or big in your face style, this is what you make it. Think about adding a gorgeous bralette that will peek through for added effect!


Beauty Holder Tips!

  • Don’t try to be too precise with cutting lines. It is no fun that way and will drive you crazy.
  • Take it up a notch and add lace, ribbons and bleach/ dye it up if you have the time
  • Cut or rip where you want. You do not have to imitate anyone else. This is all about your style
  • ROCK it with confidence and PRIDE. This is your handy work.  You will probably get asked where did you get your top from and enjoy letting everyone know it is an original, darling!
  • Now this is not going to be for everyone but it is fashion and therefore it is fun! Well to me it is!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I may make a video for my channel on how I jazz up some of my other pieces, so make sure you’re subscribed. There will be a new video this weekend so stay tuned. Link below!

The BeautyHolder

Let me know what you think? Will you try any of these looks? Have you distressed your own pieces?

Besos! 💋

TBH! xoxo


My Favourite Looks of 2015!

Hey Loves!

I know we are full swing into 2016 and Fashion Week in NYC but I wanted to take a little look back and appreciate some of my favourite looks of 2015!

If you are a regular to my blog then you know that 2015 was a big year for me with regards to fitness and health. I have always enjoyed fashion but comfort was the overriding factor in the early stages when I was a lot less confident. Jeans and sweaters were my wardrobe staples. Can you spot when I started to become more adventurous?

Some of the outfits have been featured in #CopMyCloset and for those that haven’t if you’re interested in anything I am rocking, get in touch!

Hope you enjoyed a little look back of my non-apologetic fashion choices of last year! I’m on a whole new level in 2016!

Don’t forget you can find all my social links in the contact me section at the top of the page!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


Sweater Weather!☔️⛈❄️

Hey Loves,

Hope you’re enjoying hump day and having a great week in general!

Everyone has been commenting on what a mild winter we are having here in the UK. Where I am based in London, we have had some cool conditions but nothing like the snow storms in the US or other parts of the world. We did have some pretty gnarly wind this past weekend though and I for one was walking around looking like some windswept girl for most of it. I don’t mean windswept like Mary Poppins either!

If you checked out Cardigan Casual then you will know I am all about ease. Here are 2 of my most recent looks. Thanks to Ray Ray Milz and Lils for their picture taking skills! 🙂

NY State of Mind


Navy NY Snapback: gifted | Navy High Neck Varsity Sweater : Primark | Washed out Jeans: Matalan | Nike Air Force Ones: gifted

Just Kickin’ It


Black Knitted Hat with Bobble : H&M | Grey and Black New York 1988 Hooded Sweater : Primark | Black Mens Sweat Pants : Primark | Timberland Glastonbury Inch Boot : gifted | Backpack: birthday gift from my girl Glemzi | Black Jacket : from US 

I have to tell you the second look was so how I used to dress when I came to London in 1994. Everything was baggy and hanging off me. I miss those carefree days. I think I am gonna have to keep rocking this look for a while… that is as long as my Son doesn’t bust me for wearing his sweats! 🙈

So what was your fave look? What are your staple pieces for the winter season?

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Coming up next: A Valentines Make-up Look and my fave looks of 2015!

Besos 💋

TBH xoxo


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Cardigan Casual!

Hey Loves!

YAY! First post post of 2016! You know what I mean…Trying to ease my way back into things so this post is going to be short and sweet!

The chill in the London air is all to real right now. I can’t complain too much as we have had some pretty mild days throughout this winter season. One of my favourite times of the year as I am a ‘winter baby’ and I am all about candles, hot chocolate, sweaters, fluffy hats and of course cardigans.

You can’t go wrong with chunky knits during the cooler months. You’ll find these must have clothing items frequent the sale racks because they are constantly bringing out different colours and styles. Check out one of the many I picked up in the after Christmas sales!


Outfit Breakdown:

Cardigan- Oatmeal | Primark | £5.00 (reduced from £12)

Jeans | Matalan |£16.00 (summer haul)

Tank | H&M (basics) | £3.00 (I think) or not far off

Timberland Glastonbury Inch Boot | Christmas Present | Price unknownIMG_2795

The cardigan is a size 8 and as you can see it is not fitted and has an oversized feel to it. It doesn’t fluff or shed and is super comfy. I was warm all night in this cardigan. It was available in other colours but I am a big fan of neutrals in the winter time. Trying to keep them clean… that’s another story!

Do you love knits like I do? Is sweater weather your have season? How would you switch up this look? Let me know what you like!

Remember you can find me on Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram @thebeautyholder

Hope you enjoyed this post. Coming up next a look back at 2015!


TBH! 💋xoxo




US Vacation Photo Look Book 2015!✈🚇🚍🗽☀

Hey Loves,

This year has been met with challenges at almost every turn. I am so very grateful for the support and love I continue to receive from my family, friends and indeed at times strangers.

This summer I wanted to take a break from makeup and work and focus on some much needed family time. Along with my Son, I spent most of the summer with my Sister, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and extended family. Nothing like reconnecting your soul with love to recharge and put things into perspective. So easy to take what we have for granted and by that I mean people, love, happiness and friendship. Thank you to everyone who made our trip AMAZEBALLS…you know who you are!

Here is a little video of some of the looks I wore whilst in Florida and New York and the weather was every bit as glorious as my time.

What about you? What did you get up to this summer? Did you get away? Stay home and chill? Let me know!

Hope you enjoy this video as it is a break from the norm and I am hoping to get back into the swing of filming for you soon!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


#CopMyCloset | Body Party!🎊

Hey Loves! Hope your weekend has been as amazing as you are and you are ready for an awesome week ahead! Quick look at what I wore for a double birthday celebration last night! My friends Korell and Jodie were born on the same day (16th May) and had their respective events last night. Intimate dinner with Korell and his family and friends and Jodie had posh drinks and nibbles. Although I don’t drink I wanted to spend time with both. So what to wear to two different events? Easy a nude body suit with jeans and heels! Simple!

 Body Party Full Outfit Body Party Full Outfit

Nude Bodysuit: MissGuided | Distressed Jeans : Matalan | Nude Cross stitch Pumps: New Look | Hair: Mine

nude pumps new look

These shoes are soooo gorgeous and comfortable they needed a close up! They will be a staple this season for sure. Who doesn’t love a good nude pump! I purposely didn’t wear a statement/ chunky necklace with this look and opted for 2 small chains from H&M not pictured.

Happy Birthday once again Jodes and KW. Wishing you both an wonderfully healthy and happy year now and always!

Jodes and DM Selfie  Korell and DM selfie

Glam look was nothing spectacular. Will post a makeup look this week as it has been a while!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Besos 💋


#CopMyCloset : Trending in Olive and Denim! 💚💙

Hey Everyone! My weekend movements found me on trend with not one but two fashion currents, denim and olive. Knowing the fashionista I am NOT this was a moment. I actually feel we need to take a moment to consider this! Ok, moment has passed.

Friday Night: Dinner Date with my ❤s

Headband and Hoops

Outfit Details!

Gold Cardigan: Primark (about 8-9 years old)/ Black crop top: MissGuided/ Olive Pants: Primark/ Baby Pink Pumps with Gold Chain: New Look/ Infinity Symbol Necklace: H&M/ Floral Headband: Primark/ Gold Sparkle Hoops: River Island Short ‘Monica’ wig: Juliet’s Let me say that with my beautiful Son came stretch marks 12 years ago that have changed with weight gain and loss. I was strangely confident enough to rock the crop top as they didn’t show that much but hey…they are my reminder of my proudest moment…Motherhood. necklace and Ny outfit with Tal my loves Shoutout to Talitha, Nyomi, Amalia for being amazing dinner dates and making me laugh uncontrollably. If you see them, ask them to name 2 places in the UK beginning with B! Love y’all! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Saturday Lunchtime 🎉🎁 Birthday Celebrations! 

My dearest friend Jade, celebrated her birthday last week. She arranged a gorgeous lunch with her friends on Saturday. Jade is one of my oldest and most special friends from College and she is also my Son’s GodMother so I am blessed beyond belief. She is truly one of my loves. It was great having a day out with the family and spending time with friends and loved ones. seated olive and denim posing Denim and Olive

Outfit Details!

Olive Knit Cardigan: New Look/ Denim Jumpsuit: New Look (about 3 years old)/ Brown Brogue Style Shoes: H&M I am still jumpsuit obsessed and will be when they are not on trend. They are comfy and fun! A little throwback of Jade and DM…then FullSizeRender-8 Jade and DM then Beautiful Jade now… Jade nowThank you Jade for a great time. So very blessed to see you celebrate another year as you continue to grow more beautiful both inside and out.  Shoutout to Ebi, Heather, Jess and Ify! The latter the original Stanmore College crew with J and I! Love y’all! Are you rocking any fashion trends? Get at me and let me know what you like! Coming up tomorrow…my Natural Hair Update… finally! Besos 💋 TBH! xoxo