Straight… No Chaser! Philip Kingsley Elasticizer!

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Long time! At least a couple of weeks. I always miss blogging and certainly wish I blogged more but my life is a crazy mesh of family, work and whilst I wouldn’t have it any other way, I am trying to find time for it all. I hope that you all are happy and fulfilled and that you are enjoying the start to a new week!

I mentioned that I would be doing a review in my last post and here it is. For any new readers, welcome. All reviews that you read on my blog will be my honest opinion on the product that has not been influenced by anyone/ thing. Products have been purchased by me (unless stated) and even if they have been sent for review, you are guaranteed that you will be reading my true thoughts and feelings! Now for the review. Here comes Philip Kingsley’s Elasticzer. 

Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer

Since becoming a natural haired girl (no relaxer to chemically straighten my hair) I have been driving myself to learn more about my hair. What makes it do what it does and react to products or indeed the elements. My hair is curly, kinky mix of loose waves and tight coils. It needs regular moisture and nourishment and after reading several reviews on the above products I wanted to give it a try. I especially find that when I wear my hair out in it’s natural curly state or if it has been in a protective style for several days it needs a little boost to fully bounce back. Now that being said this product is a pre-poo (pre shampoo) and at present I only shampoo my hair once a month. The rest of the time I only co-wash (wash with conditioner). Don’t worry- I am all jargoned out!

What I like about Philip Kingsley!

He has been referred to as ‘The Hair Doctor’ and does not solely focus on hair but scalp health also. He understands the science behind different hair types and textures and this pre-poo is the first of it’s kind. He recognises that in most cases black hair (afro-caribbean) responds different to treatments, shampoo’s etc and has also devised a range for our unique hair. This product in particular says it will add shine, manageability and as the name suggests elasticity. Did it? Did I fall in love with it? Read on to find out!

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 3/5

This is not cheap. I paid £28 at John Lewis for 150ml (5.07 fl oz). It is the same on the PK website not including shipping. Due to the amount of hair on my head I was only able to get about 2 full uses out of it. It is recommended that you use it once a week. If I used it that way I would be scoring it lower as I can’t afford to buy one of these every 2 weeks no matter how amazing I may think it is. As it stands it lasted for 2 months because of the frequency in which I was my hair. You are paying for a very well known and respected name in hair and so the price tag was expected. That being said, the elasticizer extreme which is recommended for afro hair is £1 dearer at £29. I have yet to try it to see where that extra pound went.

Packaging: 4/5

It comes in a tough frosted plastic tub which should be fully recyclable. It comes in a box with the same colour scheme as the product, white with dusty pink writing. The signature Philip Kingsley logo and simple, clean writing make it look and feel high-end. Size mentioned above, you can literally scoop out every last drop of the product. It comes with a PK plastic cap which I thought was handy and a nice touch although I know many of us favour our plastic grocery bags, this just made me feel a little bit special. Just a little bit. I can really only fault it on the fact that when you’re in the shower or over the tub trying to wash your hair, you don’t want to have to fuss with scooping out product as it inevitably leads to a certain amount of wastage. Whether by slipping through your fingers, or even slipping out your hand completely, these tubs are not wet hand friendly at all. Pretty to look is one thing, pretty easily messy is another. Instructions clearly on the tub and all other information such as ingredients, size and so on.

Fresh from the store     PK Elasticizer up close

Product: 5/5 

I would have rated it 10/5 but that would just be extra. This is the real deal. The bees knees and any other connotation you wanna throw together to say it is genius. It does what it says it will and probably a little extra beyond. My hair felt silky and my curls were truly popping after using this. So much to say that I did not want to put any shampoo or anything else on my hair after it. I was so scared that after shampooing my hair (not with a PK shampoo, I might add) would lose the bounce and shine. It did no such thing. Everything I did to my hair after was with such ease I was tempted to go wash my hair again just for so. My hair was manageable and full of elasticity. It felt like it had a salon treatment and some liquid heaven poured on it and left to marinate.

It does not have an offensive smell but rather the kind you find in a health food store like grains or something similar. It has a creamy consistency and it pretty lightweight to the touch. It left my hands super soft too. It easily glides through your hair which was wet and detangled before applying. It does add for best results it should be used regularly and at present once a month works for me.

So would I buy this again? Yes! I already have! It left me with gorgeous, happy hair which continues to grow healthy. For hair that needs moisture you can’t get better than good old water which is the first ingredient. It also has Castor seed oil and Hydrolized Elastin (great moisturiser and a protective film) and glycerin.

For all my beautiful black women and men, do not think this product is not for you and your hair. I strongly encourage you to check out Philip Kingsley and his range of retail hair care products. They have a kids range too, so something for the whole family. You may be pleasantly surprised. I know, once you get past the price tag that is. I guess I see this as a worthy investment for my hair, one which I am already making returns on!

This is my hair after the product was washed out… (forgot to take one before). Apologies for the flash. Second one is without the flash!

After using it    post PK

To learn more about PK, click here.

Have you tried any PK products? Let me know. I want to know all about it!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Puffs and a Pout are up next!


TBH! xoxo

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