Purple Wings! Makeup of the Night! ๐Ÿ’œ

Hey Everyone, A super quick look at last night's makeup! I wanted to try out my new Sleek Highlighting Palette and decided to rock some of their other products too! The full look is not all Sleek. I will have a review coming up tomorrow on the highlighting ย palette so don't forget to check back … Continue reading Purple Wings! Makeup of the Night! ๐Ÿ’œ

๐ŸŽ† Diwali Makeup 2014! ๐ŸŽ†

Hey Everyone, Diwali, Festival of Lights, was last week Thursday. It celebrates the start of the New Year for Hindu's the world over. For more information, check out my post from last year, here. This year, I opted for a very subtle look. I haven't been able to wear much eye make-up recently as my … Continue reading ๐ŸŽ† Diwali Makeup 2014! ๐ŸŽ†

Urban Decay’s โšก Electric Palette โšก : Make-up Look!

Hey Everyone, If you follow my Facebook page you will have seen a sneak peek of a look using the above palette. I purchased this a while ago but haven't been able to use it until now. I am sure you know by now that I adore really bold colours and this palette was all … Continue reading Urban Decay’s โšก Electric Palette โšก : Make-up Look!

Loves and Loathes! LA Girl Pro Conceal!

Hey Everyone! I love reviewing products and being able to give you my honest opinion on what I think of a product. My Straight! No Chaser series is where I tend to do a full review. It is very in-depth and I wanted to explore doing something quick and easy for you. So, welcome to … Continue reading Loves and Loathes! LA Girl Pro Conceal!

I’m on YouTube!

Hey everyone, I did it! Not only have I set up my YouTube channel, I posted my first video!!! It is a weirdly nerve-racking experience to say the least but I am seriously glad that I listened to my family and friends and did it. The ย plan for my channel is to do make-up tutorials, … Continue reading I’m on YouTube!

Bridesmaid Beauty…

I am truly honoured when I work with a Bride or members of her party. To be asked to do someone's make-up for one of the most important days in their lives is a feeling I cherish and am so very grateful for. You don't ever forget a Bride from the trial to the actual … Continue reading Bridesmaid Beauty…

Luck of the Irish…Green eye look!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I posted this look on Instagram last week and promised to blog details of the products used. As it is a green look (one of my favourite colours as it compliments brown eyes and red hair very well) it also fit's nicely with St. Paddy's Day! I tend to get requests … Continue reading Luck of the Irish…Green eye look!

Love Faces: Valentines Request Look 3…

Happy Valentines Day! May your days and heart be filled with love, not just today but always! So here it is, today's look. Most of the requests I received were from followers and friends who stated they wanted to look 'pretty' and 'gorgeous'. That is a simple enough request. You don't have to look like … Continue reading Love Faces: Valentines Request Look 3…

Foundation Revelation!

Choosing the right foundation still seems to be one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to make-up! Truth be told, it doesn't have to be. I mentioned in a previous blog that there have been great advances in the world of foundation and a match that is right for you is out there! … Continue reading Foundation Revelation!