The Beauty Holder caught ‘red handed’ on location!

If you do ever ‘catch’ me red handed behind the scenes, I am always doing one of 3 things…

  • Beating faces! It was I am there to do!
  • Taking behind the scenes pics- photographer in the making and I love capturing the goofy moments you don’t see!
  • Singing along to Trey Songz/ Talking about Trey Songz/ Daydreaming about Trey Songz… (all comes under one Trey umbrella)!

My homie Cashtastic called me to work on the first video ‘Red Handed’ from his new mix tape ‘ALARM CLOCK’. This tune is a banger- so remember I told you. Video shoots are always loads of fun and working with Cash is always a pleasure. He is an amazingly talented UK artist who is humble, generous and sweet. He goes hard and has a serious work ethic for such a young man. You can order his new mix tape is available for pre-order on iTunes (doesn’t let me add link- sorry) and it is available 9th February 2014.

Male grooming for Cash is easy as he has great skin. Having worked with him a couple of times before I know what he likes and can get to work quick and easy. He always comes up with great concepts for his visuals and lets me pretty much be as creative as I wanna be. The very beautiful Lauren and Amina were the female leads. Lauren was adored with a blue smokey eye with black diamond face detail and Amina the green glitter eye with red and green face detail. They were such dolls and a real joy to work with. Look out for more of these beauties!

Make-up Products:


Here are a couple of BTS shots for you and a link to the video. I advise now for my younger readers there are explicit lyrics! 

Beautiful Lauren Stunning Lauren

Lauren and Cash Stunning Amina

Amina Cash and Genius Director Quason Matthews

Amina and I blowing kisses Lauren and Amina on set

Shout out to the whole crew on set for Red handed. Directed by Quason Matthews and the Cool World Order Team. Shout out to CO5 Management Team who always show me love!

I missed my Saturday Selfie look this week due to school assignments. So look out for a look tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think!


TBH! xoxo


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