Hey Everyone!

I am a straight sucker for lipstick and these new joints from NYX are seriously feeding the addiction. When Revlon launched their lip butters I practically bought out the whole drugstore. The colour payoff on some of them was disappointing ,however, NYX’s Butter Lipsticks do not have that issue. Just look at the swatches below. 

Swatches lip buttersNYX Butter Lipstick



From L to R : Mary Janes, Hunk, Razzle, Licorice.

I could rave on and on but it is simple!

  • Affordable! I got these in Ulta for about $7. In the UK? Check out the NYX site. 
  • Amazing colour payoff
  • Moisturising- lips feel amazing!
  • Long lasting
  • Great variety of colours
  • Dupe for Revlon Lip Butters
  • Don’t stain the lips
  • Shiny but not sticky
  • No unpleasant smell but no super sweet smell either
  • Cute names like ‘Mary Janes’ and ‘Licorice‘- yes the name can put me off! 🙂

NYX lipsticks take up more than 25% of my collection. That does not include glosses. They have an awesome range of cosmetics that honestly rival some of the more ‘expensive’ brands. Great Customer Service, deals and offers on all the time. 

All in all the above are a welcome addition to my ever expanding, intervention needed (again) lippie collection!

If you are not familiar with NYX, get familiar. In the US you can even find them at beauty supply stores as well as drug stores. Here in the UK get online and check out your nearest stockists!

Lip Butter Besos!

TBH! xoxo

7 thoughts on “NYX Butter Lipstick!

  1. I always liked NYX because they don’t put crazy prices on their stuff! These look so beautiful, I must admit I haven’t tried the butter lips ones but I most probably will.

    1. Exactly! It’s crazy how much you can spend on similar products just because of the name! Their lipsticks are by far in my top 3 fave brands! I hope you do try them! Let me know! Thanks as always for reading doll! xoxo

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