Makeup Monday: Summer Lips! ☀💋

Hey Loves, Summer is officially here and has been for a minute! In between the heat waves and thunderstorms I hope that you all are enjoying the seasonal change where you are. Haven't posted a makeup look in a while. I've mentioned before that I don't wear makeup on a daily basis. If anything it … Continue reading Makeup Monday: Summer Lips! ☀💋

New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x Simple💫

Hey Everyone! I have not blogged as much this year as I did last year but sometimes the work needs to happen in silence! I didn't want to see the year out without giving a couple of New Year make-up options. My annual Year in Review blog will be out this weekend so look out … Continue reading New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x Simple💫

🎆 Diwali Makeup 2014! 🎆

Hey Everyone, Diwali, Festival of Lights, was last week Thursday. It celebrates the start of the New Year for Hindu's the world over. For more information, check out my post from last year, here. This year, I opted for a very subtle look. I haven't been able to wear much eye make-up recently as my … Continue reading 🎆 Diwali Makeup 2014! 🎆

DIY Easy Carnival Look!

Hey Everyone, Somewhere in the world it is Carnival season. Whether you're in Barbados playing mass at Crop Over or preparing for Notting Hill's Carnival here in the UK I am gonna share a fun a simple look that is super easy to achieve and pump up your carnival look. You can also rock this … Continue reading DIY Easy Carnival Look!

December Baby!

My Birthday look this year was nothing compared to the glam looked I rocked last year! Maybe because it was low key although still fabulous. I went for a real subtle 'wearable anywhere' type look, which is pretty easy to replicate. You could probably say this is my go-to glam look. I used all the … Continue reading December Baby!

Favourite Brow Products… Powder edition!

Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out my previous blog posts on brows. Last time I told you about my favourite brow pencils and now a quick post on the powders I use and love. ♥ Anastasia Beverley Hills  Brow Powder - Medium Brown One thing that Anastasia knows is brows. Her powders are pigmented and … Continue reading Favourite Brow Products… Powder edition!

The Beauty Holder… on location! London Fashion Week!

I have been neglecting my on location series for a while so with a recent experience at London Fashion Week, it's back! Souzounushi was showcasing her new collection at the YES Fashion Show held at the Hilton Hotel in Holborn as part of LFW shows taking place all over the capital. I was the personal … Continue reading The Beauty Holder… on location! London Fashion Week!