#SaturdaySelfie * White Lines

Hey Everyone!

When I first got into make-up the one thing that I hated doing was winged liner! I hated it with a passion. When I did them on others they looked ok but on my hooded lids they looked a mess. I would dread if a shoot called for it but I was determined to not let it beat me. I would practise as much as possible until I had it down. There are still times when it tries to get the best of me but we have a little understanding, winged liner and I! 🙂

I decided to do this one with white liner as it is more visible and offers something a little different. It also makes me think about the struggle I had with it in the past. I am no where near perfect but I know I got this. Served up with a red lip or black lip just because!

Products Black and White

Red lips


You know I love some Inglot products because they are affordable, long lasting and great quality. This eyeliner gel is number 76 and not the same consistency as the black one so you need to go over it a couple of times as it is thinner but it dries quick. The lip pencil is also Inglot number 35 and I have a lipstick to this before everyone started to go crazy over the MAC one.



TBH! xoxo

Tomorrow and Monday:

My Birthday Look!

Love or Loathe!


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