Lips for any Season or Reason…

Hey Everyone,

If you follow make-up trends then it is likely that you will be rocking deep dark plum/ purple lips this Fall. I am not one to follow trends and so here are 3 of my favourite lip colours for you to wear in the Fall or any other season you so choose! We are starting out simple as I will be doing a video on my Top 10 lip products before the end of the year. I have left out my all time favourite ‘Girl About Town’ by Mac as I wear it in practically every picture!

I have not used any liners and applied straight from the tube as they are my personal ones. Where I have used gloss it is indicated below.

1. Plumful -MAC

A gorgeous rose pink/ lilac colour! It goes on pretty sheer but is buildable and I have pigmented lips to begin with. You can line your lips with a deep plum colour for a beautiful contrast.

Plumful Swatch Plumful on lips

2. Sugar Plum Fairy- WetnWild

Rich deep plum! Great colour payoff as soon as you put it on.

Sugar Plum Fairy Swatch SPF on me

3. Riri Woo- MAC

Matte retro red. When I wear it is seems to have more of an orangey red undertone. Gloss is Plush Red by NYX (third pic only).

Riri Woo Swatch Riri Woo Matt Riri Woo with Gloss

I have chosen these colours not only because they are great on all skintones but also because they can be paired with simple or dramatic looks easily! I get quite a few comments that red lips are hard to wear on darker skin tones especially. Reds with a bluish undertone are great for black women. You can also play around with lip liners to add another layer to your look! More tips coming up in my Top 10 lip products video out soon!

Coming up next on the blog! Origins Charcoal Mask Review!



TBH! xoxo

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4 responses to “Lips for any Season or Reason…”

  1. Beautiful as always. Everybody is talking plum today….wearing it and eating it. Both are very pleasant.

    1. Thank you so much! I know right! Plum everywhere! xoxo

  2. I really like the plum on you DM..nice and the Riri Woo is fire! I love that matt finish. Thanks for posting 🙂

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