December Baby!

My Birthday look this year was nothing compared to the glam looked I rocked last year! Maybe because it was low key although still fabulous. I went for a real subtle 'wearable anywhere' type look, which is pretty easy to replicate. You could probably say this is my go-to glam look. I used all the … Continue reading December Baby!

#SaturdaySelfie * White Lines

Hey Everyone! When I first got into make-up the one thing that I hated doing was winged liner! I hated it with a passion. When I did them on others they looked ok but on my hooded lids they looked a mess. I would dread if a shoot called for it but I was determined … Continue reading #SaturdaySelfie * White Lines

#SaturdaySelfie * Lakers in Heat Country!

I can't take the word hashtag for granted anymore thanks to Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Wanna know why? Check this out! Yes, it is true #selfie has now been added to the dictionary and I love a selfie like nothing else so a new addition to the blog will be my Saturday Selfies! … Continue reading #SaturdaySelfie * Lakers in Heat Country!

Haul in the USA!

Hey Beautiful People! I have been in Florida for the past week visiting family and never miss an opportunity to restock or purchase items for my kit. Let me not pretend it is all for my kit as we all know my lipstick obsession can get a little out of hand. I will apologise now. … Continue reading Haul in the USA!

Happy Diwali! Inspired Make-up Look…

Diwali (Divali/ Deepawali), or 'Row of Lights/ Festival of Lights' is a five (5) day celebration marking the New Year for Hindu's all around the World. It takes place on the darkest night in October/ November but is a true celebration of light. The fireworks have already begun in my area, lighting up the sky. … Continue reading Happy Diwali! Inspired Make-up Look…

Easiest Make-up Tutorial…EVER!

Hey guys! I know, pretty bold claim but sometimes you gotta stand tall and tell all who will listen. Here is my first make-up tutorial on a requested everyday look! Hope you enjoy! Besos! TBH! xoxo Coming up next: My Random tag blog!

Straight… no chaser! Anastasia Brow Product Review!

Hey everyone! I posted a talk through review of this product on my new YouTube Channel along with a tutorial on how I do my brows using the products. For regular followers of my blog, you will know I like to do a 'Straight, No Chaser' review on products so here we go! Brows are … Continue reading Straight… no chaser! Anastasia Brow Product Review!

I’m on YouTube!

Hey everyone, I did it! Not only have I set up my YouTube channel, I posted my first video!!! It is a weirdly nerve-racking experience to say the least but I am seriously glad that I listened to my family and friends and did it. The ┬áplan for my channel is to do make-up tutorials, … Continue reading I’m on YouTube!

The Beauty Holder on location… Le Chateau D’or Fashion Shoot

If you follow me on instagram of have liked my Facebook page you may have seen some of the Behind The Scenes (BTS) from this shoot. Tania Westwood (Model in white) has designed an exciting, bold new fashion line for women. A newcomer to the fashion world with a flair for creating clothes that celebrate … Continue reading The Beauty Holder on location… Le Chateau D’or Fashion Shoot

Pop Art Inspired Look…

On my quest to continually challenge myself as a Make-Up Artist, here is my Pop Art inspired look! A nod to those comic books I used to read when I was younger. I am no artist remember so go easy on me. I need to work on my definition and get some new face paints … Continue reading Pop Art Inspired Look…