#SaturdaySelfie *Knot-Out

Hey Everyone! I remember rocking this style in hair when I was in College! My girls and I loved switching up our hair according to our style and also our mood. I always remember them being called 'China Bumps' or something like that. Most people are likely to know them as 'Bantu Knots'. My hair was … Continue reading #SaturdaySelfie *Knot-Out


Hair Jewellery: Matha Patti

Hey Everyone!How are you doing? Hope this blog meets you all well and in the best of health and happiness!I shared my obsession for Indian culture in my 20 Random Facts About Me post. Like my lipstick obsession (yes, I still need an intervention), I adore the beautiful and extravagant statement pieces that adorn Indian women … Continue reading Hair Jewellery: Matha Patti

Two is a Magic Number! Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

Hey Everyone! So I mentioned in yesterday's post that it was the second anniversary of my very first post yesterday. I can remember what it was like writing the first blog and thinking I have no clue what I am doing. I know I seem to have a lot to say all the time but … Continue reading Two is a Magic Number! Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

International Women’s Day 2014!

Hey Everyone! As I grow older and more mature I appreciate and celebrate being a Woman. So many lessons I have learnt over the years that I truly didn't understand until I became a woman fully. Whether you are a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Grandmother, God-Sister- WOMAN! Whether you work in an office or at … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2014!

Faces of the Day and Night!

Hey Everyone! Two years ago today I published my first blog. I made this blog on a whim and really had no idea that it would be something  I enjoy as much as I do! I will be publishing a special post tomorrow celebrating this milestone! As a little celebration for tonight, check out my … Continue reading Faces of the Day and Night!

Straight…No Chaser! Mary Kay Skin Care Review!

Hey Everyone! I sometimes am reluctant to do product reviews because I don't want people to rush out and purchase (or not) items based on what I say. A lipstick, fine but skin care products are a different ball game. I receive some very lovely comments and emails from people asking what I use on … Continue reading Straight…No Chaser! Mary Kay Skin Care Review!

Loves and Loathes! Wet n Wild Vanity Palette!

Hey everyone! Here's another one just because you deserve it. Will you Love it or Loathe it! The very coveted Wet N Wild Vanity Palette. Cheat Sheet! This is the palette that everyone needs to own.  Affordable, drug store palette of 6 neutral shadows of beautiful browns and gorgeous golds. Can't afford to pay for … Continue reading Loves and Loathes! Wet n Wild Vanity Palette!

Loves and Loathes! Benefit Brow-Zing!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my super short reviews! Short! Honest and holding nothing back on a product I either LOVE or LOATHE! Giving it to you straight off the cuff… this product according to the company website is the number one brow product in the UK! This week! Benefit Brow- Zing! Cheat Sheet! Benefit … Continue reading Loves and Loathes! Benefit Brow-Zing!

#SundaySelfie *A little vanity

Hey everyone! I have had my head in the books lately and so blogging has taken a little of a backseat. You all are never too far from my mind and I hope you will be glad to have my little alerts pop back up in you mailboxes soon! 🙂 My hair has become a … Continue reading #SundaySelfie *A little vanity