#SaturdaySelfie *Knot-Out

Hey Everyone! I remember rocking this style in hair when I was in College! My girls and I loved switching up our hair according to our style and also our mood. I always remember them being called 'China Bumps' or something like that. Most people are likely to know them as 'Bantu Knots'. My hair was … Continue reading #SaturdaySelfie *Knot-Out


I’m going Natural… (Introductory Hair blog post)!

I am on a hair journey. I don't know the frequency of these posts at the moment it is all new and I am doing my research! Going natural in the simplest of terms means I have stopped applying a relaxer to straighten/ perm my hair. The part that has been chemically processed will remain … Continue reading I’m going Natural… (Introductory Hair blog post)!