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How are you doing? Hope this blog meets you all well and in the best of health and happiness!

I shared my obsession for Indian culture in my 20 Random Facts About Me post. Like my lipstick obsession (yes, I still need an intervention), I adore the beautiful and extravagant statement pieces that adorn Indian women around the world. Bangles and Tika’s are my favourite and I have built up quite a collection. This collection is not hidden away mind and I happily rock them on a regular basis. This Matha Patti came from a store in Southall for approx £35. This is a decent price as some of the other costume pieces (not real gold/ silver etc) can run you into the hundreds and then some. 

A Matha Patti is a traditional hair jewellery or ornaments with a central chain (to be worn on a middle parting) and one or more additional chains that flow along the hairline. Although traditionally worn by Asian Brides they create a stunning effect for even the simplest hairstyle and have become extremely popular. They come in different sizes, colours, shapes and weight. This one is pretty heavy and in the second pic is placed better on my head. The central Tika should flow along the middle and settle in the middle of the forehead. 

I can’t say that I did it much justice as I was rocking a black wig and it was not quite holding but I will find some of the old pictures when I rocked it with my relaxed hair. Now that I am natural I cannot wait to try some more styles. 

First pic is with a side parting….

Matha Patti Matha Patti Centre parting

What do you think of Matha Patti’s or Tikas. What about Indian Jewellery in general? 

Have an awesome day whatever you are doing! 


TBH! xoxo


8 thoughts on “Hair Jewellery: Matha Patti

    1. Thank you so much lovely. I have to say I was very much into gold jewellery also and then I tried this one. It has a gold plated backing and thats why I looked first. Give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! I am telling you this head jewellery will start costing me more than my hair products soon enough if I don’t stop! Thanks for checking out my blog! xoxo

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