International Women’s Day 2014!

Hey Everyone!

As I grow older and more mature I appreciate and celebrate being a Woman. So many lessons I have learnt over the years that I truly didn’t understand until I became a woman fully. Whether you are a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Grandmother, God-Sister- WOMAN! Whether you work in an office or at home, a cleaner or CEO- WOMAN! You breathe life into this world. You have been given a gift from God to bring life into this World. You run the world- thanks Beyonce.

Celebrate with me and let’s work together. Not against each other. Let’s support each other, grow with each other, guide and give to each other. Let’s be there when one of us is down and help to raise them up. I know that I want to focus on being a better Mother, Partner, Sister and Daughter. A better friend and all round better person. This is not just on days like today but EVERYDAY!

Thank you to those who came before us and paved the way for us to realise our dreams. Thank you to our foremothers who carried the weight of the world on their backs so we could see the world and be a part of it. Thank you to women in our family whatever their role for inspiring us and doing whatever they had to  to nurture and support our growth and development. WE THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU! WE HONOUR YOU!


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Whatever you are doing today be inspired as a Woman!

Have a great day!


TBH! xoxo






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