#SundaySelfie *A little vanity

Hey everyone!

I have had my head in the books lately and so blogging has taken a little of a backseat. You all are never too far from my mind and I hope you will be glad to have my little alerts pop back up in you mailboxes soon! 🙂

My hair has become a new obsession for me also and as I understand and learn how to take care of it, I am loving it even more. Make-up is still my love but I have practically stripped it bare and had a very neutral February and March (all 2 days of it) rocking barely there make-up. I have been reaching for my wetnwild vanity palette which is coming up in tomorrow’s loves and loathes every weekend almost.

Understated pink lips, so does not sound like me but I kinda like it. I tell no lies when I tell you I am stripping it right back and have been leaving the house with nothing but vaseline on the lips and some eyebrows. The weekends though grant me a chance to look a little more me so browns and nude tone shadows for the eyes it is.

Here is my Sunday #selfies | With spring in the air I am excited to try new bolder colours for spring and have seen some super bright neon lip colours that the collection is missing. I say that all the time right? Someone stop me! Anyone?

20140302_131353 Natural all over


Yes! It is Brooklyn all day… every day!  My hair is a twist out. Brows are eyelure brow pencil in #2/  wetnwild vanity palette on lid/ L’oreal Voluminous mascara/ MAC Up the Amp lipstick with Spite lip glass.

Brooklyn Cookie ‘Spike Lee’ Monster shirt Primark (Mens) about 6-7 months ago! Blue striped cardigan Dorothy Perkins (5 years ago)! Extra large hoop earrings Aldo a very very very long time ago!

Brooklyn Besos!

TBH! xoxo


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