Loves and Loathes! Wet n Wild Vanity Palette!

Hey everyone!

Here’s another one just because you deserve it. Will you Love it or Loathe it!

The very coveted Wet N Wild Vanity Palette.


Cheat Sheet! This is the palette that everyone needs to own.  Affordable, drug store palette of 6 neutral shadows of beautiful browns and gorgeous golds. Can’t afford to pay for a Naked Palette? Struggling to see the benefit in paying out for several neutral MAC shadows at over £10 each then seriously there is no excuse not to have this. It cost me just under $5 on a deal at one of the drug stores. I love the pigmentation, even without a base this gives me a great colour payoff. I have used it on clients from the fairest to the darkest beauties and it has not let me down once. Minimal fall out with the shadows and they are long lasting. I know that people are reluctant to purchase drug store shadows or products in general but I am all for beauty on a budget and the quality and performance of this can rival some of the more expensive toe to toe and probably come out on top!

Friends in the UK you can find this online but check out the postage and customs fees! I am sure it is available on ebay and amazon but beware the price!

Verdict! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This is all I have been reaching for of late and I do love all of their palette’s but this is my favourite by far!

Have you got this? What are your thoughts?


TBH! xoxo


3 responses to “Loves and Loathes! Wet n Wild Vanity Palette!”

  1. OK! I’m convinced 😌😉

    1. The only down side is that we do not have them here in the UK so I always feel like I am missing out!

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