Loves and Loathes! Benefit Brow-Zing!

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my super short reviews! Short! Honest and holding nothing back on a product I either LOVE or LOATHE!

Giving it to you straight off the cuff… this product according to the company website is the number one brow product in the UK!

This week! Benefit Brow- Zing!

Cheat Sheet! Benefit Brow-Zing in dark is a ‘do it all brow kit’ that comes with a pigmented wax, powder, teeny weeny tweezers and 2 diddy brushes to apply the wax and powder to create the perfect brow. I am a brow junkie and if nothing else, I want a product that gives me brows as I truly do not have much. I find the wax drying and the powder way too dark and does not appear natural at all- even with a light hand! It comes in only 3 shades and costs £23.50 which when you see what you get is the only decent thing about it. The wax did not do much in the way of keeping the powder in place and my eyelure pencil that costs a quarter of the price does a much better job.

Verdict! Loathe! Disappointed doesn’t even cover it and I would so go and get my money back if I had not used it more than once to make sure I gave it a fair trial. If you go by the accolades this product won in 2012 then I would be in the minority, that, however, was over a year ago now and I would be interested to see if this is still a ‘must have’. This product does not benefit my kit in the least and needless to say I would rather go without brows that use this again! A lot less zing than I had hoped!

Sleek do a brow kit that looks very similar and costs half the price. Do you have that kit? Do you love the Benefit one? What do you think of this product? Do you Love or Loathe it? Let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts!


Tomorrow! Mary Kay Skin Care Review!


TBH! xoxo





2 responses to “Loves and Loathes! Benefit Brow-Zing!”

  1. Beauty Holder you hit the nail right on the head!!! I’ve used this in the past and I too loathed it. The tweezers were absolutely useless. The consistency and pigment of the powders were weak and I found that both of the colours did not do my brows justice. Literally daylight robbery!

    1. That is the twin sense in us. I was so disappointed I wanted to bin it. To be fair it is never getting used again! Thanks Twin! XOXO

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