#SaturdaySelfie *Knot-Out

Hey Everyone!

I remember rocking this style in hair when I was in College! My girls and I loved switching up our hair according to our style and also our mood. I always remember them being called ‘China Bumps’ or something like that. Most people are likely to know them as ‘Bantu Knots‘. My hair was longer then and relaxed.

Since ‘going natural’ I am trying out styles that will protect my hair, especially the ends. I wasn’t actually going to do this style on the day I did but ended up doing it as my hair was just out of a wash and go and it wasn’t wash day so this was done on dry hair. I added moisture with water and a some of my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie! This product is amazing. Look out for a review soon!

It was easy enough to do. I twisted medium sized sections of my hair and then wrapped it around itself in the shape of a little bun or knot. I applied hair pins to secure the ones that would not hold and left it in for a couple of days. It was not uncomfortable to sleep on at all and my hair was moisturised and well protected.

The results were ok. I think I would definitely do this style again and the only thing I would change is doing it whilst my hair is wet so there is more of a definition when taken out. The results below are after a couple of days so it has expanded as my hair does and has some frizz but more fluffiness but overall I like it! For a first attempt it gets hand claps, finger snaps and fist pump! Woo Hoo!

I think you can tell in the number of hair related posts that I am really happy to be natural. I so wish I had done it sooner.

This is how they started out…then how then ended up today!

Bantu Knotting it with my gorgeous Goddaughter Roch Bantu Knots  China Bumps

Haul Post will be out next! Yay! I should mention cause I normally get asked. Lipstick is called All Fired Up and was part of the Retro Matte collection by MAC!

Hope you enjoyed this post. There is as always lots more to come.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


TBH! xoxo



2 responses to “#SaturdaySelfie *Knot-Out”

  1. I love the results! I need to try it myself on my natural hair!! xxo

    1. Thank you babe! Please do! I know it will look beautiful! xoxo

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