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20 Random Facts About Me!

I was tagged by the lovely Nicole to do the above tag! Here goes and they are in no specific order! Eeek!

Random Tag! Eek!

  1. I am obsessed with infomercials. I can watch them for hours.
  2. I cry when people sing Happy Birthday to me and have done since I was a little girl.
  3. The exclamation mark is my best friend! I am that animated when I speak that I use them at the end of every sentence almost! My English Teacher would not be impressed!
  4. My nicknames are DM, Danger Mouse and English Muffin (those are the ones I can share)! 🙂
  5. Absolutely obsessed with Indian Culture. Bindi’s, Music, Films, Bangles, Sari’s- the whole nine!
  6. If I buy a pocketbook and it has a matching wallet, I have to get it.
  7. I have way too much make-up!
  8. I dry old satsumas and turn them into pumpkins.
  9. I wish I had pursued dancing as a career.
  10. I will not sleep if I have seen a Spider in the house and it has not been caught.
  11. I have double jointed fingers
  12. I was named after Donna Summer and Marie Osmond.
  13. People used to call my Brother and I ‘Donny and Marie’
  14. I have to speak to my Daddy at least once a day if not more.
  15. If I do not have hot milk in my cereal, it can not be eaten.
  16. Onion Bagels are everything.
  17. I seriously love wearing turtlenecks and jeans.
  18. I became a Vegetarian on the 1st January 2013 and have not looked back since!
  19. New York will always be home! Where Brooklyn at?
  20. Kel is not the only one who loves Orange Soda!

Hope you enjoyed!

I tag everyone and anyone who reads this to do this tag! I especially tag Etta’s Threads, Naturaleasehair and Beautiful Kayakie


TBH! xoxo

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All About Skin! 30 Day Water Challenge!

Whenever people ask me what they could do to improve the look or touch of their skin, I tell them to drink more water. I talk a lot about beauty from the inside out and want to get back to that. I have noticed that my face is looking dull and not as fresh as it was a couple of months ago. What have I been doing differently? Neglecting to drink water. So I am going to work on the 30 Day Water Challenge! 

What that means in essence is that I am going to consume at least 2 or 2.5 litres of water per day everyday starting from tomorrow for the next 30 days. I am going to take pictures of my face every day to see if I can see a noticeable difference. 30 days may not be enough to see a spectacular difference but I am hoping that it is. I am likely to continue this well past 30 days but wanted to give myself a starting point. When you fall off the water wagon it may take baby steps to get back on! 🙂

This is a personal challenge for me and one that is going to focus on my skin as a priority. I am almost at the end of the 6 week Charcoal Mask review that I am doing and this I hope will help. No matter how many products I put on the outside, the inside has to be part of the process. Replenishing my skin from within is something that I can no longer ignore.

Have you been drinking your 8 glasses per day? Why not take up the challenge with me and let me know how you get on!

Drink your water


Photo Credit: ( via Google Images)

Wish me luck!


TBH! xoxo

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Easiest Make-up Tutorial…EVER!

Hey guys!

I know, pretty bold claim but sometimes you gotta stand tall and tell all who will listen. Here is my first make-up tutorial on a requested everyday look! Hope you enjoy!


TBH! xoxo

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New Video Alert! Breaking down Beauty Jargon!

Hey everyone,

Do you know how to tightline? Where your waterline is? How you highlight or contour? Well, my new video tells you more. For those new to make-up this will help you understand some of the jargon that you will hear in the ever exciting world of make-up and beauty.

If you have any requests and looks that you would like to see then let me know. I am also going to start doing some halloween looks pretty soon!

So here it is. My new video!

See you soon!


TBH! xoxo






Pop Art Lips

I am such a huge fan of Nicole’s and have followed her blog since I started mine. She is extremely talented and a great support of mine! Check out this look that she was inspired to do after seeing my Pop-Art look. Flattered does not even cover it! Thank you Nicole! xoxo

Nicole's Beauty Blog

Hi loves!

I’ve been really inspired by pop art makeup lately and after seeing The Beauty Holder’s pop art inspired makeup look (here) I wanted to take the challenge and try it myself, however I just did the lips. Let me know what you think.


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Making Over a Make-up Artist! Eek!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are well and wonderful!

Quick post on a makeover I did over the weekend! Making over friends can be tricky. Even more so when your friend is a fellow Make-up Artist. I sometimes wonder who is the most nervous! The nervousness comes not from lack of confidence in skill and ability but rather in bringing out a different side to a person’s beauty through that skill and ability.

My gorgeous friend Pria agreed to be a model for one of my video’s. She has asked me to do her make-up many times before but this is the first time it actually happened. She is an amazing MUA and good friend of mine. In true fashion, the camera died half way through and so we only have some before and after pictures. We wanted to go for some colour on the eyes and a playful bright lip. I chose green as Pria felt it was something that would not fit her- I chose to differ. She has beautiful brown almond shaped eyes.

Pria normally rocks a red lip and defined liner and so we opted for something orange with a red base and a softer liner look.Light coverage foundation with a bright highlight under the eyes.

There is no filter on these pics.

Pria before Pria After 1 Pria After 2

I love make-up that is fresh and natural. That is really what I am about. Enhancing what is already there which is true beauty!

Products used:

MAC Conceal and Correct Pro Palette in Medium/ WetnWild Shadow Comfort Zone Palette/ MAC Texture eyeshadow/ Revlon orange lipstick / Make up Designory foundation palette 2/ Sleek blush in Coral/ MAC Lasting Sensation lipstick/ NARS Albatross highlighter/ LA Colours eyeliner in Violet/ Inglot Mattyfying Pressed Powder/ MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Dark/ Jordana Fabuliner in Black / Jordana Mascara

Special thanks to Pria for being such an amazing model. Hopefully we will sort out the technical issues and have a video tutorial coming up soon!

Don’t forget you can now check me out on YouTube! Just search The Beauty Holder or click the following link.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


TBH! xoxo


Straight… no chaser! Anastasia Brow Product Review!

Hey everyone!

I posted a talk through review of this product on my new YouTube Channel along with a tutorial on how I do my brows using the products. For regular followers of my blog, you will know I like to do a ‘Straight, No Chaser’ review on products so here we go!

Brows are a big deal for me as you can probably tell by previous posts where I talk about not leaving home without brows and lips . For the longest time I was happy to have my brows threaded but not put any additional product on them although they were extremely thin and sparse. I am now more confident with make-up and understand the importance of brows and how they shape and frame the face.  I have alot of products for the brows and now with this product, I have some more.

On my vacay to New York, I picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills, No Brows, No Problem! kit. I purchased it from Sephora as an exclusive new product. The review you are about to read, as always, is my honest opinion based on my use of the product. I have not been paid or endorsed in any way.

Why I love this product!

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for her brow and eye products. Colours are rich in pigment and textures are kind to the skin. I was first introduced to her products by a friend who bought me a brow kit as a gift a year ago. I instantly fell in love with the brow powder and is was like nothing I had used before. My brows looked fuller and more natural almost instantly. When I saw the No Brows, No Problem kit in Sephora, I wanted it immediately. When I saw that there were 3 products in the kit, I thought even better. I did not need it but I wanted it. Read on to find out how this product is rated in Price, Packaging and Product!

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 4/5

What makes it value for money and worth the score above is the fact that you get 3 products for the price. They are full good-sized products and not mini versions/ samples which you tend to get in kits sometimes. It retailed for approximately $59 or $69. I am not sure if that was the permanent price or a special at the time. It is still a little pricey, however, which is why it did not get a higher score from me. I am conscious that you are paying for a well-known name in the beauty industry and it is more of a high-end department store brand as opposed to a drug store one.

Packaging: 4.5/5

I love when packaging is sleek and simple. Clearly labelled and hard-wearing. When I am on the go with my kit for shoots, it can take a beating. There is nothing worse than opening up your case to see items damaged no matter how much care and attention you paid to looking after them.

The kit comes in a box with 3 items. There is no extra security in the box such as bubble wrap or bagging. The actual items themselves are durable. There is a serum, pencil with a spoolie/ brush at one end and clear brow gel. They all have the Anastasia Beverly Hills logo and font and bold and bright. They look expensive. That is something my mom would say. They give the impression of quality. The serum has a net weight of 2.5g or 0.04 oz. The pencil is 0.085g/ 0.003 oz. The brow gel does not state weight or size. Items do not appear to be recyclable which is reflected in the score.

Product: 5/5

The brief prelude above tells you in so many words why I love the product. I am going to divulge some more reasons. Let me start with the fact that you get 3 great products in the kit. You get a Brow Enhancing Serum which I personally find amazing and has definitely helped my brow hairs grow thicker and faster. A skin care product as part of a make-up kit is a great idea and shows that they do not only care about the end result but enhancing your brows too. Used before applying the pencil and gel and then at night before bed it is said to ‘encourage the growth of thicker hair’. A little bit of this goes along way. I have found that the serum also leaves my brow hairs a little tacky and gives the pencil something to adhere to. I used it once with some Anastasia Brow Duo Powder and it was amazing.

Next you have a dual purpose product the Brow Wiz. A twist action mechanical brow pencil at one end and a spoolie on the other end. You can pick up the brow wiz separately in several shades suitable for hair colour, eye colour, or personal preference. The pencil is one of the best I have used and it is something I use on a daily basis. It offers great definition to shape and fill in brows. Where the hair is sparse the product does not make the skin look waxy or too drawn on. The tip is fine and you can mimic brow hairs by using a light hand and this product. You can twist the product the opposite direction to make sure that it is safe in the cap and doesn’t break. Simple things like this make me happy. It is without a doubt a simple and effective tool to give you natural or dramatic brows depending on how you like. It has a brilliant matt finish also. The spoolie at the other end is a bonus. Simple brush away excess product after use  and brush your own brow hairs before you use the pencil. It is great when you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Finally you get the clear brow gel. Helps the product and your hair stay in place and not budge. Great if you have oily skin or sweat alot or will have them on for a long period of time. With me not having a lot of brow hair, I find that the gel can give a bit of a shine factor to my brows so I don’t always use it. When used on clients that have full brow hair this works great.

I really do love this product and it makes me excited to try other products by Anastasia. Taking time on the brows with a product as great as this will give such an excellent well polished look. Looking at the individual retail prices for each product in this kit it is value for money and it will last a long time. I get numerous compliments on my brows when I use this product and enjoy using it on my clients. The name is a brand I trust and that is because the products speak for themselves. Can you hear them? What they say is ‘my brows look fabulous!’

This is a pic of the products with the box when I got them from Sephora and now.

No Brows, No ProblemSerum, Brow Wiz and Brow Gel


Here are some before and after pictures of me and my brows! Taken yesterday when I went for a simple brow look.

Before with no brows...After with brows

Can you see the difference?

If you are more visual and want to see the YouTube version of this review along with my brow tutorial please click here.

Thank you so much for checking out this review. Hope you enjoyed it! For more on Anastasia products click here. 

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