Pop Art Lips

I am such a huge fan of Nicole’s and have followed her blog since I started mine. She is extremely talented and a great support of mine! Check out this look that she was inspired to do after seeing my Pop-Art look. Flattered does not even cover it! Thank you Nicole! xoxo

Nicole's Beauty Blog

Hi loves!

I’ve been really inspired by pop art makeup lately and after seeing The Beauty Holder’s pop art inspired makeup look (here) I wanted to take the challenge and try it myself, however I just did the lips. Let me know what you think.


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2 responses to “Pop Art Lips”

  1. Thank you so much sweetie! ❤

    1. Anytime! I couldn’t do it on my phone when I first saw it so wanted to make sure I did it ASAP! Gotta do your random tag too! xoxo

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