My Blog in Review! 2013 on rewind!

Just a couple of days before the end of the year, WordPress send a little summary report entitled ‘Your 2013 year in blogging’. It crunches numbers and pulls together some stats such as number of views and most popular posts and stuff like that.

This is my second year blogging and I am excited for the growth and potential for my blog. I know I have it in me! It was a great year and here is a little snippet of some of the antics me and this blog of mine got up to!

  • My blog was viewed over 20,000 times in 2013
  • I published 81 new blogs
  • Charli Jepson is a popular lady! My interview with her was viewed 260 times in one day! Thanks Charli!
  • Over 144 countries viewed posts! As far and wide as Norway to New Zealand!
  • Reviews and Make-up looks were very popular

In my quest for World Domination, I also:

  • Started a YouTube Channel– eek!
  • I have recorded and posted 5 videos to said YouTube channel since I launched in September!
  • Created a FaceBook page for my make-up and behind the scenes antics.
  • I beat (made- up) over 70 faces- not including my own!
  • Did just over 50 photoshoots
  • 5 weddings and 7 events!
  • Working on 2 major advertising campaigns. One for Ceris Hair and another for Chateau D’Ore Designs
  • Images published with a couple magazines with my partner in crime- Fabian Jones (Fab Pix)/ Also with a French Magazine
  • Hosted 2 giveaways
  • Worked overseas in New York as a MUA for the first time!

Just to name a few!

Not bad for a part time Make-Up Artist!

2013 was very good to me. My sleeves are rolled up and I am long jumping straight into 2014! I’m ready for you!

All of this would not be possible without the love, support and encouragement I receive on a daily basis so I am truly blessed and thankful!

It wouldn’t be right to not include some of the ‘selfie’ shots that I have loved so much this year. So here you go!

Selfie 2Selfie 1

Selfie 3Selfie 4

Selfie 5

Deuces 2013! Welcome 2014!


TBH! xoxo


8 responses to “My Blog in Review! 2013 on rewind!”

  1. You will not and shall not ever doubt yourself, ever!!! 😉👐 well done hon!!! xoxo

    1. I will certainly try! Thanks for your never faltering support! xoxo

  2. Beyond happy we crossed paths in 2013!!

    1. You and me both sweetheart! xoxo

  3. Wow. You have done a lot

    1. Thank you… And to think that is just some of it! Lol! It has been awesome and I truly am grateful! xoxo

  4. Wow you’re such an inspiration! keep up the good work xxx

    1. You are just the same and I am so glad that we met through this blog! xoxo

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