Intervention needed! Lipstick junkie challenge!

I like lipstick! I like it a lot! I like it more than a lot! I also have a thing for pink lipstick. The brighter…the better! I am therefore staging my own intervention! Yes! I am doing this for my own good!

For the whole month of December (which is also my birthday month) I will refrain from purchasing any new lip products. For my personal use/ enjoyment that is. (If I need them for my kit, I will honestly declare it)!

I will in turn use one of the many lip products in the pic attached everyday for the whole month. No matter what I will challenge myself to wear one or more of these colours everyday. I will post pics either on my Instagram (The Beauty Holder) or Twitter (@TheBeautyHolder) with the colour and brand and all that good stuff! This will enable me to get reacquainted with some old favourites or need I say it- new ones that haven’t been worn yet! Oh! The shame! *hides face but shows lips*

I haven’t even got them all out on display! I should be ashamed! This intervention is so needed! Wish me luck!

Don’t forget to comment and let me know which one is your favourite! 🙂

Big pink (or whatever colour I wear on the day) kisses!

TBH! xoxo



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8 responses to “Intervention needed! Lipstick junkie challenge!”

  1. Good luck sweetie I know you can it even if it will be hard xoxo

    1. Thank you sweets. I can do it! I think 🙂 xoxo

  2. That is a whole lot of lipstick. And that’s not even all of them? I told you you had a problem. You need to just send some over to me. lol

    1. Lol…I got some on the way as we speaK. See you should have never left me…this is somehow your fault no? lol xoxo

  3. Oh, WOW!! The mere fact that you have to stage a self intervention is hilarious and somewhat worrying! I look forward to seeing all the pics AND honest declarations of any new products being bought!

    ps… that’s a whole heap a lippy!! 😀 xo

    1. The shame Glemz. I didn’t even open the drawer full…or the bags! I will say no more. It may be used in evidence lol xoxo

  4. Lovely Post..!!

    1. Thanks so much Kate! Really appreciate you taking a look! 🙂 xoxo

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