Tips for Acne Prone Skin…

I told you in my last post, how Acne affects 80% of 11 to 30 year olds. It does not simply leave physical scars but emotional ones that are harder to heal.

Here are some Beauty Holder Beauty Tips especially for you. I warn you now. They include positivity!!

  1. CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE! I say this alot because I believe it.YOU DO NOT HAVE bad skin! YOU ARE NOT ugly! No matter what skin concerns you have, seeing the negative will only highlight this in your mind and make you more anxious. Your skin is not what makes you. The same way our skin colour doesn’t define us, neither does Acne.
  2. Pay attention to your SKIN! Your skin type still need attention. If you have dry skin or oily skin, you should be using products designed for them. Acne specific products for skin types exist.
  3. Clean Skin! Happy Skin! I know many people who have forgone a skin care regime with Acne because they think it won’t get better. This is not the case. You still need to follow a cleansing plan as dirt can only aggravate the condition. Something that is important is not going overboard with exfoliation. Doing too much of this dries out the skin. Cleanse! Tone! Moisturise twice a day as you normally would.
  4. Don’t get picky! Leave the spots alone. The dirt on your hands and under your nails that you can’t see is not doing you any favours. Whilst the temptation to ‘get at them spots’ is high, the end result will not make you happy.
  5. Seek advice from a Dermatologist, Skin Care Specialist, Herbalist etc. You will decide on the best route for you according to your needs, budget and other factors. Doing your research on the ingredients in the products will also provide you with enough evidence to make informed decisions. If it all seems like jargon or you need help, speak to someone who knows.
  6. If you are seeking coverage with Make-up, check out the ingredients. Think about the coverage you want. A concealer may do the trick or you may want something that provides more coverage. It is very much down to confidence and I understand it doesn’t happen overnight. Also remember that make-up will seek to even the skin tone. It will cover redness and pigmentation. It can not reduce texture. Raised spots will not disappear with make-up only the colour.
  7. If you do wear make-up to conceal your acne, try and give your skin a break as much as you are able to. If you are happy to go lighter on your make-up then do.
  8. Perfumes, hair products, detergents are not all bad! They are not all good either though. Be aware what you are using. Hair products may travel onto the face and react with your skin.
  9. Get that water intake up! Water, fruits, veg and all that good stuff gets the HI-5 and finger snap from me. I will say no more.
  10. Don’t stress! Always easier said than done. Stress does not do a body or your skin any good.
  11. Tell yourself you’re beautiful. Even if you don’t feel it. At times we have to say things over and over again in a bid to start the emotion and true feeling.
  12. Do not let the acne control what you do. Speak to a friend or family member. Speak to a professional but do not suffer in silence. You really are not alone!

I have not been affected by Acne but I have suffered from depression. What helped me through the dark times was believing things would get better. It took time, patience and something deep within to pull me out of that place. It did not happen instantly but it was a process I was willing to go through because I wanted me back. Depression couldn’t have me. I understand now more than ever the power of a positive feeling and not giving up. I am never giving up.

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This post does not sponsor any specific product and serves to provide my own opinion and tips.  Until next time.


TBH! xoxo


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