It’s getting Hot in Here… Male Summer Skin Tips!

Hey guys! Hey to all my ladies who are checking this out too!

It has been a while since I blogged specifically for you and I am back. Thanks for sticking with me! My last post was for all the lovely ladies out there and how to stay fine in the summertime. Now it is your turn for some tips that will keep your skin looking good in the heat.

Most guys (women too) continue with the same regime regardless of the season. It seems pointless to change your skin care when the weather changes, right? Wrong! Here’s the thing, you do not have to change all of it but you should consider including the following:

  • Be Sun Smart: Use sun screen to protect yourself from UV rays. Unless it says so (and even then check the ingredients and see what the Sun Protection Factor ¬†is) ¬†your regular moisturiser alone will not do enough. You need additional protection throughout the day. This is especially important if you are working out in the sun. Reapply as often as you need to and wash off and continue with regular skin care regime at night.
  • Your skin needs moisture: You should already be using a moisturiser in the morning and night. So this is not new. You may want to go for a lighter one in the summer months that can offer the same benefits as a heavier one. So a ‘gel’ rather than a heavier ‘cream’. Maybe even a lotion or oil. Take heed, however, putting your every day lotion on without sunscreen is like stepping straight into an oven. Although a golden glow is popular- being burnt to a crisp is still not in fashion.
  • So Fresh and So Clean (clean):¬†We all wanna stay cool. Have a refreshing shower at the end of the day to wash away all of dirt, oil etc.Exfoliate, at least twice a week to get banish that dead skin and unclog those pores. Your skin will appear fresher and more revitalised.
  • I just wanna make you Sweat: Pumping iron or sweating because it is hot? Try and wash the sweat off as soon as possible. If not, all over, at least on your face.
  • Make-Up Males: If you are wearing make-up don’t forget your primers and setting sprays. Where possible consider a switch to a lighter foundation or concealer, maybe even a tinted moisturiser. Check out my last post for more on that.
  • H to the 20:¬†I can only imagine how much a nice cold, beer quenches the thirst on a sunny day. Water does it better. You know if flushes out the junk and hydrates from the inside out. Are you drinking enough?

See! Not that much to change/ do! As always I am not telling you to run out and spend loads of money. It is not necessary. Just don’t neglect your skin because the sun is up!

Male Skin care with Shane Holmes  ABSolutely Fantastic! Shane Holmes, PT

Thank you to my very handsome model, Shane Holmes (Twitter: @holmzymaestro / Business: 07429 461 159 )  who has taken my advice and has been following a skin care regime/ plan. Shane is an amazing Personal Trainer in the London area- check out those abs!  Contact him for a consultation.

Men? What do you do to look after your skin in the heat? Let me know your tips and tricks.



TBH! xoxo

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