Matchy, Matchy Make-up! Turquoise and Grey look

Matching my shoes and my bag is really where I draw the line. I may throw my belt in there also for good measure. Matching my make-up, however, is a different story. I always love the term ‘matchy, matchy’. If you watched the reality show The Hills- you will know where it came from.

Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of wearing eyeshadow that matches my top and lipstick that goes with the pants or skirt I am rocking that day. I can’t say that I have always been this way as I was not the cosmetics obsessor I am now. I don’t mind  subtle matching or even going with make-up in complimentary tones  but going all out to wear the same colours on my face that I am wearing on my body gives me slight palpitations.

That being said, I get a lot of requests from clients who like to match their make-up and it is still quite common. INGLOT is one of my favourite make-up brands for a number of reasons. Affordability, colour payoff and variety just to name a few. They recently brought out some awesomely pigmented bright lip colours in the freedom palette system which I had to try. Seeing as turquoise is one of my ‘love it’ colours, I decided to try a look with the lipstick I picked up.

I also had not done a grey look in a long time and certainly not one I blogged about so I thought, I would pair the two. My subconscious was trying to tell me something I guess, as when I completed the look, I realised the dress I was wearing was you guessed it… grey and turquoise! I had a Homer Simpson ‘DOH’ moment.

This look was done late at night so apologies for the poor quality lighting.

Grey eyes and Turquoise lips

Eyes lips and face...


For those who wouldn’t want to wear this look because of the crazy lips, here is it with a purple pink lip. You can get a better look of the dress the look was ‘matched to’!

Nude lips


Some of the products used:

Naked Palette, Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo and INGLOT lipstick  Gunmetal and Creep from Naked Palette

Swatch of the Inglot Lipstick

I am doing a review on the foundation used in this look by Makeup Designory. Look out for that in the coming weeks.

Your turn! Do you match your make-up to your outfits? Maybe you plan your outfits around your make-up? What about the turquoise lips? Are you bold enough to rock ’em? Let me know and of course send pics, I would love to see what you’re doing with the make-up in your collection!








3 responses to “Matchy, Matchy Make-up! Turquoise and Grey look”

  1. Your skin is flawless and no I like makeup to be more natural looking 🙂

    1. Thank you for checking this look out! I have some natural looks I am sure you will prefer! I know blue lips are a little too much at times lol! Thanks for checking out my blog again! xoxo

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